Sweeping robot market hot, cloud whale intelligence strong breakout

According to the National Bureau of Statistics and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the market size of China’s sweeping robots is expected to reach 23.14 billion yuan by 2024.Chinese sweeper market has broad prospects and huge potential. More and more manufacturers and brands have joined the market of sweeper robots.Among the many new brands of sweeping robots, the development of Cloud Whale intelligence is particularly rapid. Only with two single products, it hit a number of sales miracles, and became the second in the industry, which can be called the “dark horse of the industry”.Strong technical strength want to break out in the crowded sweeping robot brand, the most key is the technical strength.It is understood that Yunjing, founded in 2016, is itself a company based on the field of household robots, committed to research and development of revolutionary technological products.Cloud Whale intelligence has carried out in-depth research in many core technology fields of service robots such as environment perception, positioning mapping and motion control, and has a number of patents in automatic backwash mop and sweep and drag dual-path planning technology.Another cloud whale technology behind the team strength, cloud intelligence gathered a large number of scientific research personnel, of whom are from the world’s top universities, institutes and pioneer enterprise of science and technology, from the famous media experts, high-end brand lifestyle, joint efforts, insist on scientific and technological innovation promoting the development of robot industry sweeps the floor.Different from the sweeping robot brands on the market which generally adopt the machine sea model and rely on parameter stacking to update their products, Cloud Whale intelligent adopts the “high-quality” product model, making a product specialized and refined, creating core competitiveness and expanding market share through strong product force.From the launch of “automatic backwash mop” function of Yunjing GENERATION 1, to the basic realization of “full automation of mop function” of Yunjing Generation 2, including the automatic loading and unloading of water, adding clean and sterilizing liquid, automatic washing mop, automatic hot drying and timing of the whole process automation.In mopping dimension, Yunjing really put forward a complete set of automation solutions, with strength to promote the industry automation process.High-quality service to win customer reputation, in addition to product power, service is also a key factor.In order to improve the user experience, cloud whale intelligence has been using “the user supreme” the concept of product development, the cloud whale second generation of automatic fluctuation function design as an independent functional modules, and common water tank can be directly replace, the user can choose according to oneself circumstance to whether need to upgrade modules, if you need to upgrade, cloud intelligence provides door-to-door exploration and installation services,Let the user eliminate all worries.Family service robot industry development science and technology change life, the world has for a long time, but relative to foreign, sweeping robot market penetration in China is still relatively low, the market there is still a great progress space, and as long as there are more science and technology innovation-oriented enterprises, such as cloud whale intelligent Chinese sweep robot brand’s future will be better and better, “completely free hands just around the corner.

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