This kind of rich people often eat food is “purine big household”, many people do not know, suggest less touch

Introduction: For the disease of three high, most people still have some understanding, even young people also know the harm of three high to the body.In addition to the three, we now have to watch out for the fourth, high uric acid.Now, high uric acid has become a very painful chronic disease, many people are in a high state of uric acid, some people do not even know that their uric acid exceeds the standard, only when uric acid causes gout.Many people now suffer from high uric acid, and gout is one of the most common forms of pain that can occur when uric acid rises.Young people with high uric acid levels can also suffer from gout, which can be extremely painful.Anyone who has had gout knows that in many people it is caused by high uric acid.And the appearance of high uric acid, and everyone’s daily diet cannot get rid of the relationship.Why is abalone also a high purine food?People who have high uric acid have a lot to do with their diet. Purines are a metabolic component that we all have in our bodies, and some of them come from our diet.High levels of purine in the body can cause uric acid to rise.Therefore, we should prevent high uric acid, but also pay attention to the intake of purine, that is to say, to eat less food with high purine.Abalone I believe many people have heard of it, many people think it is a very nutritious food, so they often eat it, especially for people in coastal areas like to eat abalone.The nutritional value of abalone is indeed not low, especially its protein content is richer than many foods.But abalone is also a high-purine food, with more purines in it than most foods.If you eat abalone regularly, it doesn’t take long for your uric acid levels to become abnormal, and a lot of people who live in coastal areas have gout problems.What habits can cause high uric acid?1, often hold urine hold urine this thing can be said that everyone has done, urine is a metabolite of the body, people have urine when they can not go, if they will choose to hold.There are many busy people who always wait until they can’t hold their breath before choosing to go to the toilet.Holding urine is a very bad habit. Holding urine for a long time will not only increase the probability of cystitis, but also damage kidney health.If our kidney function is impaired, it will affect the metabolism of uric acid, which will also increase the probability of high uric acid.2, drink drinks for a long time drink drinks is a lot of male compatriots like to do, some people usually do not like to drink water, every time thirsty will choose to drink a variety of carbonated drinks.We can drink drinks occasionally to satisfy our cravings, but we must not use drinks to replace water, especially carbonated drinks with pigment.Although these drinks are more flavorful than plain water, because of various additives and pigments, drinking will only affect health, is very likely to damage blood vessels, will also increase the content of uric acid in the blood, resulting in high uric acid.Conclusion: Nowadays, the occurrence of high uric acid is more and more likely, and many people do not pay attention to the body’s uric acid level at all.If high uric acid is not properly controlled, it does not take long to develop into gout, which is more difficult to cure.We must pay attention to their diet, eat less food with higher purine.

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