213. During the reign of Jiaqing, an animal also wanted to make a difference

Read on!The female detachment of White Lotus thought this was very strange. Wang Conger’s ears were hot and his heart was beating at this moment. He didn’t know why.We must follow the road and make sure that luoyang is in the right direction. Don’t get lost.”As soon as I finished speaking, I suddenly saw a monster fall from the sky where the dark clouds had disappeared.When they saw it, the monster had a tiger’s head, human hands, feet and body, and was wearing a Taoist robe. With a loud roar and a wide mouth, it ran away towards the women detachment.The detachment of women saw one wave after another, and were petrified.Wang Conger called to the front of the gunner’s hand and asked the crossbow man to stand behind him, saying, “When the monster comes, shoot it with your firearm. If it doesn’t die, then shoot it with your crossbow. If it doesn’t die, disperse the whole army.The others backed away and circled around, leaving Wang Conger riding in the middle of the road.The monster, approaching the gunners, suddenly stood up and, waving its two front PAWS, rushed at the woman with the gunners.The women were in a great hurry. Dozens of guns were fired at the same time. A cloud of smoke rose from the monster, but it did not fall.The gunner retreated, loaded the gun, filled it with sand, and before it was the bolt’s turn, a hundred bolts were fired, directly into the monster.The monster, which was full of bolts, still did not fall, but came at the crossbowman with increasing ferocity.The rush, accompanied by shouts, caused a great confusion among the gunsmiths, who were reloading their ammunition, and the marksmen, who were refighting their bolts, to retreat quickly on either side.Even many people did not know what the monster was, and were pulled a mile away in panic. Only Wang Conger stood there, motionless, waiting for the monster to come up.Wang Conger saw the firearm and crossbow arrows shooting at the monster. The monster was covered with crossbow arrows, like a hedgehog, and there was so much blood that the whole way was dyed red.”You monster,” she cried, “you are riddled with holes in your body. Come up here. I will cut off your tiger’s head.Just in time for a barbecue!”Suddenly the monster spoke in human language and said, “I am immortal. How can you kill me?”At one bound, it rose very high and opened its mouth to bite the head of Wang Conger’s horse.For a moment the horses started, hoofs raised, a hiss.Wang Conger’s right hand plunged a luan blade into the monster’s left ear. When he picked it up, the monster’s ear was cut off.The monster shouted loudly, like the roar of the tiger, quickly retreated to a mile, Shouting: “Cut my ear to die!”With one hand he covered the cut where he had cut off his ear, and with the other he pulled out his arrows, one by one, and threw them on the ground.Wang Conger laughed and said, “You’re just doing that. Go back to your master, or I’ll cut off your other ear.”She bent over, stuck the ear that fell to the ground on the tip of the embroidery luan knife and raised it, saying, “Is little General Little hungry?”Zhang Xiaoxiao in the far answer: “yes!We’re all very hungry.”Wang Conger waved it with his hands, and the ear of a luan sword flew off and fell right on Zhang Xiaobao’s horse. Zhang Xiaobao held it in her hand, saying, “Teacher Wang asked me to have a barbecue, so that I can eat the monster’s ear.”Wang Conger said, “Yes!”As expected, Zhang Xiaoang dismounted and led her horse. She gathered up withered branches and leaves by the roadside and lit the fire on fire. Then she hooked the tip of her sickle to the tiger’s ear and roasted it.The monster pulled his bolt and shouted, “No!You can’t eat it!That’s my ear.”Wang Conger laughed and said, “So what if it’s your ear?When xiao General was in the village of the King of Qin, he often ate wild animal meat, such as distressed meat, python meat and red deer meat. What meat did she not eat?Except for tiger meat.”The monster cried, “Don’t eat!Don’t eat!I’m not a tiger, I’m not a monster, I’m a Taoist priest in jingan Army.Since he is a Taoist priest, he is a human being. How can he eat human flesh?”Zhang Xiaoqiao has bitten half a baked ear in his mouth, chewing, loudly: “Teacher Wang!The monster’s flesh smells good!You cut off the other ear as soon as you can. You eat so little of it that you can’t eat it. It’s not very satisfying!”The tiger-headed monster, having drawn his bolt and covered in blood, rushed past.He was about to run after Zhang Xiaoyuan to get back his ear, but wang Conger tried to block it from left to right. He could not get past it and watched Zhang Xiaoyuan chew and swallow the ear.She licked her lips with her tongue, mounted her horse, lifted her hook and sickle, and rushed at the monster, saying, “I don’t care if you are a Taoist priest, a monster, or a tiger.Today, since I ate one of your ears, aunt is eating in the excitement, I kill you, the whole barbecue, cent sisters each eat a solution to solve the greedy!”When Wang Conger saw Zhang Xiaoyi coming, he retreated. Everyone knew that Zhang Xiaoyi’s hook hook was very powerful. If the monster was hooked to the neck with the hook hook, it would be impossible to escape.The monster was covered in blood and fought with Zhang Xiaoyi in the clearing.However, Zhang’s small hook and sickle was really powerful. It could not be blocked, held or touched, or his hand, foot or neck would be cut off in a minute.Therefore, the monster only to yield more, gradually, only parry power, no power to fight back.It teng that jump speed slow down gradually, by zhang’s small hook sickle hook neck, pulled backward, plop fell to the ground, rolled into the grass.The headless body danced for a while, and at last fell.The women’s detachment of soldiers cheered for a while and all came together to see the monster’s neck bleeding. When the robe was removed, it was really a headless tiger’s body.Since it was confirmed that it was not a Taoist priest, but a tiger monster wearing a Taoist robe, the women detachment cheered. They were happy that they had barbecued tiger meat to eat.So the detachment of women went from place to place to gather firewood and cooked the tigers in the wild. Then they ate them one by one. Each of them had a piece of meat bigger than his finger.Why do you have everything?What strange things, what will happen: a tiger can also dress up as a Taoist priest, officers and soldiers in the barracks, in order to wipe out the white lotus and make achievements, let alone people?This was in the summer of the first year of Jiaqing!Continue next time!

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