China National Space Administration (CNSA) : Take more measures to cultivate space talents and introduce more new forces to the space industry

Xu Hongliang, spokesperson of the China National Space Administration (CNSA), said at a press conference held by the State Information Office today (January 28) that the development of the space industry needs to introduce more new talents to join in.First, through major projects, we will continue to strengthen the training of strategic scientists, leading scientists, young scientists and innovative teams, including artisans from major countries.Second, strengthen the mechanism of personnel exchange and constantly standardize and guide personnel exchange.Third, strengthen the incentive mechanism.With the development of economy and society, the state has given more and more support to scientific and technological talents.For example, some social organizations and enterprises have set up some awards, including the “Qian Xuesen Award for Highest Achievement” and “The Award for Contribution to Space”, which have played a good role in encouraging people.Fourth, strengthen discipline construction and reserve personnel training.The China National Space Administration has carried out the construction of some relevant disciplines in space science, and has continuously trained talents for China’s space industry by co-building universities and disciplines.Fifth, carry out extensive international exchanges and cooperation.Especially for some developing countries.For example, in response to the call of the United Nations, a regional space education center has been set up to train many space professionals for developing countries and boost their development.(CCTV reporter Li Ning and Liu Tingyu) source:

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