During the Spring Festival, I worked as a traffic policeman of Weifang Public Security

China Shandong network – Perception shandong February 1 news (reporter Sun Xiaoru) February 1, the lunar New Year’s day, is every family to visit relatives and friends gathered together day, Weifang traffic police brigade on duty police has been on the “road”, protect the area of road traffic safety, to ensure that the masses have a safe and peaceful Spring Festival.On the first day of the New Year, in order to ensure the area of road traffic safety and smooth, fangzi brigade in view of the actual situation of the main road traffic flow during the festival urban areas and national and provincial roads, increase patrol control efforts, for the masses to travel safely escort, create a good road traffic safety environment.WeiCheng battalion posted strengthening jurisdiction, business circle around the busy intersection traffic control, and retrograde, don’t wear a helmet in the electric traffic violations such as remind, persuasion, and correct, to the masses of the New Year at the same time traffic law allure and propaganda, and efforts to reflect the temperature of police work, strive for the understanding and support of the masses, to the Spring Festival travel security escort for the masses.Kuiwen Brigade to the area of the business circle, hospitals, scenic spots and other places with large flow of people, layout in advance, strengthen patrol, to ensure the safety of traffic during public holidays.Relying on road patrol and fixed duty, the Changle brigade strengthened road patrol control to ensure the safety, smooth and orderly roads under its jurisdiction during the Spring Festival.The Gaomi Brigade deployed police forces in a reasonable manner, strengthened patrol and control of key road sections and intersections under its jurisdiction, removed traffic jams and ensured smooth traffic flow, and took multiple measures to protect road traffic safety under its jurisdiction.On New Year’s Eve, which is also the birthday of father Fan Chuanlin, captain kan of Gaoli Brigade, failed to return home to celebrate the holiday because he was on duty at the expressway.In the early morning, his wife took their children back home to celebrate the New Year, to the duty “tour”.In order to ensure the road safety, orderly, smooth during the Spring Festival, Shouguang brigade set up 11 patrol inspection card points, check key vehicles and all kinds of illegal acts, eliminate traffic safety hidden dangers.The Spring Festival le Million, traffic police protect peace.Changyi public security traffic police set post set responsibility, stick to the post, with full enthusiasm, high morale to fulfill their duties, to ensure the road chang people’s safety, build a total of safe China year!

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