IPhone SE price or explore apple directly into the hinterland of domestic mobile phones

As apple’s “sharp weapon” to attract Android users, the iPhone SE may launch a new model.Just after the New Year, MarkGurman, a well-known apple whistleblower, reiterated that apple will hold an event around March 8, 2022, at which the new 5g-enabled iPhone SE will be unveiled.It has also been suggested that Apple will price the new iPhone SE at a lower price, possibly $299 or less than rmb3,000, as it seeks to capture lower-end Android users.Regarding this rumor, A reporter from China Business News called Apple China, and the relevant staff of the company said that they have not received relevant information, and the specific situation is subject to the official website information.The reporter of China Business News noted that in the past two years, Domestic mobile phone manufacturers such as Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo have launched a collective action to impact the high-end market, and the comments of “Huawei falls and Apple is full” also appeared.Apple was the no. 1 smartphone vendor in China with a 23 percent market share in the fourth quarter of 2021, according to market research firm Counterpoint.Other data showed that Apple’s market share in the high-end phone market of more than 5,000 yuan increased from 48 percent in 2020 to 75 percent in 2021.As a matter of fact, while domestic handset makers are moving up the high-end market, Apple is also reaping the market downward with more affordable iPhone SE models.After two generations of product marketing education, what impact will the new iPhone SE bring to the mobile phone market?How to deal with domestic mobile phone manufacturers?The hand-to-hand mobile phone market is brewing what kind of pattern change?In late April 2020, after apple’s second-generation iPhone SE went on sale, Yang went to the Apple store in Shanghai’s Pudong International Finance Center to buy the new device.”I like the small screen and the one-handed feel of the phone, and the second generation of the iPhone SE has improved performance and is not expensive.”Yang said the second-generation iPhone SE is cost-effective and still “strong” in use today, but without 5G.In Yang’s opinion, although the second-generation iPhone SE is very sweet, there are not many young people who like small screen phones like him. “To be honest, people who bought this phone at that time do not really like small screen phones, but just use the old phone with a big screen to exchange for a new one, some people even directly give the new phone to the old family member.”In 2016, In order to meet the needs of small-screen phone enthusiasts, Apple released the first generation oF iPhone SE by copying the appearance of iPhone 5.For the first time in four years, Apple has released the second-generation iPhone SE in the form of an iPhone 8 casing.According to the latest revelation, the product design of the new iPhone SE is similar to the second generation. It continues to use a physical Home button and a non-full-screen design, but the hardware configuration is fully upgraded, with the latest A15 processor, improved memory, storage space and camera, and 5G network support.That’s when the entire iPhone line will support 5G.If the news is true, apple is upgrading its iPhone SE for the first time in two years, so it is important for the industry to take a look at the product strength and market performance of the iPhone SE before predicting the market performance of the new iPhone SE.”Today we’re launching iPhone SE 2, our best value for money iPhone ever,” Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted on the day the second-generation iPhone SE went on sale.”It’s an incredible price because it takes the processor of our best phones, it’s affordable, it’s faster than the fastest Android phones, and it’s super affordable,” Cook said for the first time about the second-generation iPhone SE.Cook pointed out that the second generation oF iPhone SE users will come from two main groups: small screen enthusiasts and people who have migrated to Apple from the Android camp.On the earnings call, Cook also said strong customer response to the second-generation iPhone SE will help attract more Android users to iOS.In China alone, however, the iPhone SE underperformed expectations.Sun Jinghui, a senior analyst at market research firm GfK, said sales of the first two generations of iPhone SE were not as good as expected. “The 12-month life cycle of the previous generation was about 2 million units, and the first generation was about the same, which is about the same as the sales of OPPO or Vivo in the same price segment in a month,” he said.Sun jinghui said.Sun further pointed out that although the iPhone SE model is not suitable for the Chinese market, Apple’s launch of the iPhone SE product line is a global plan, not just for China.”By inference, it should have met expectations globally, otherwise there would not have been a new generation.”Sun Jinghui so speculate.Losing China?When domestic mobile phone brands began to impact the high-end, Apple is also accelerating down to the low-end market.The first-generation iPhone SE, launched in 2016, is only available in two versions, covering a market price range of 3,288 yuan to 4,088 yuan.The second-generation iPhone SE, which will hit the market in 2020, will be available in three versions, covering the 3,299 to 4,599 yuan market.With the iPhone SE, apple’s intention to reach a wider market is clear.3,000 yuan is generally seen as a dividing line for domestic mobile phone brands to impact the high-end market, especially for their sub-brands.If the price of the new iPhone SE drops below 3000 yuan, how do domestic mobile phone manufacturers view and respond to the new iPhone SE of competing products?In this regard, reporters respectively contacted Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo and honor, as of press time, did not receive a positive response.However, the reporter noticed that the New Year just started, domestic mobile phone manufacturers also opened a wave of new machine preheating operation, the relevant technical parameters have been exposed.For example, on the first day of the start of the year of the Tiger, Jiang Hairong, CMO of Honor China, announced the glory 60 series of new products, and Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group China and general manager of Redmi brand, preheating the K50 universe series of Redmi’s annual highlight.In terms of mobile games, on February 8th, the Official announcement of Red Devils mobile games was made that the Red Devils 7 series will be released on February 17th;On February 9, Lenovo rescuer product director Lin Lin high-profile for the upcoming release of rescuer Y90 mobile game preheat.Combing the relevant information, we can see that domestic mobile phone brands are also actively launching new phone layout in various market segments.Sun jinghui pointed out that the iPhone’s low-cost products are based on downsizing, and the screen and battery are far from those of domestic brands in the same price range.”Domestic brands in the same price segment have absolute advantages in terms of performance configuration, and users considering iPhone in this price segment are likely to choose previous generations of iPhone products at the same price.”Sun believes sales of the new iPhone SE won’t change much from the previous two models, nor will it perform differently.Sun Yanbiao, chairman of Sunrise Big Data, also believes that iPhone SE has no market in China, and the configuration is too low. “iPhone SE is basically eliminated in China, and the performance of iPhone SE ii is mediocre, so I think it is also sold in China, but actually the Chinese market is not its focus.”This was confirmed by an employee at a state-owned communications service company in Jiangsu province.”The second-generation iPhone SE sold only a few hundred units through e-commerce channels.””The employee said.Mr Sun noted that the iPhone SE’s core market was in South-east Asia, particularly India.”India is the next billion market. The iPhone SE is mainly aimed at The Indian market because of the strong ties between India and the United States and the fact that many of India’s high-class people work for Americans, so the awareness of Apple is very high.”‘The iPhone SE is actually a fallback for Apple to expand its market share and capture the Indian market,’ Mr. Sun said.In addition to the Indian market, Sun Jinghui believes that in the current situation of Chinese brands to go out to sea, Apple released the new iPhone SE to fight for its base — North American market.”The North American market is not yet fully covered by Chinese mobile brands, so it will not compete head-on.”Sun jinghui said.”The iPhone SE gave up on the Chinese market a long time ago and the channel gave up on the product.”Sun yanbiao said.Therefore, in the domestic mobile phone market, iPhone SE will not pose a threat to domestic brands hitting the high-end market for the time being.According to a report released by IDC, the global smartphone market shipped 362.4 million units in the fourth quarter of 2021, down 3.2% year on year.In 2021, the global smartphone market shipped 1,354.8 million units, up 5.7% year on year.Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo were the top five mobile phone manufacturers in the global smartphone market by shipments in the fourth quarter of 2021, among which Apple regained the first place in the global Q4 market in 2021 with shipments of 84.9 million units and a market share of 23.4%.Data from HCR Huichen show that in 2021, In the domestic high-end smartphone market share (models priced at more than 5,000 yuan), Apple topped the charts, reaching 74.26%, while Huawei still maintained 17.82% market share despite a two-year shortage.In the two years when Android mobile phone manufacturers have collectively impacted the high-end market, domestic mobile phone manufacturers have paid a lot for the high-end road, but they still need to continue to work hard to gain a firm foothold in the high-end market.Huawei can be regarded as a successful case of domestic mobile phone manufacturers taking the high-end road. From self-developed chips, software development to brand design, Huawei also created high-end flagship P series and Mate 40 series after years of accumulation.In recent years, domestic mobile phone brands, including OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi and Honor, have made efforts in the middle and high-end market.On February 8, Xiaomi group held its first important meeting since the beginning of the Year of the Tiger — high-end Strategy Seminar, and formally established a high-end strategy working group.Lei Jun shouted a new slogan: Xiaomi products and experience to the full standard iPhone, in three years to win domestic high-end mobile phone market share first.According to millet official data, 2021 Q3 Millet in the global 3000 yuan and 300 euros of high-end machine sales of more than 18 million, although Q4 data has not been released, but it can be expected that Millet in the global 3000 yuan and 300 euros price on the sales will break through 20 million.Assuming that Xiaomi shipped 190 million units in 2021, this proportion has exceeded 10% of its total shipments.However, in the global mobile phone market, especially in the high-end mobile phone market, Apple, Samsung and other international brands still occupy obvious advantages. Recently, Samsung officially launched the Galaxy S22 series of mobile phones to revive the Chinese market.And the price of Apple’s new iPhone SE has dropped to the core of domestic mobile phone brands, the future market competition is bound to be more fierce.In short, the high-end road of domestic mobile phone manufacturers is not smooth, the successful model for reference has been correctly calibrated, in addition to continuous research and development and deep cultivation, but also need time to verify.

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