Tianjin: More than 350,000 new urban jobs will be created by 2022 to ensure the dynamic elimination of zero-employment households

■ A net increase of 304,900 people in the basic old-age insurance systemYesterday, the city’s human resources and social security work conference was held in the form of video, reporters learned from the meeting, the 2022 city’s human and social work target: the annual increase of urban employment of more than 350,000 people, urban survey unemployment rate controlled within 5.5%;The introduction of various talents of 100,000 people;140,000 people received subsidized vocational skills training;The number of people participating in basic old-age insurance increased by 304,900 net, reaching 9.6759 million at the end of the year.The year 2022 is crucial for the implementation of the 14th Five-Year Plan.Shen Chao, party secretary and director of the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, introduced that this year, the city will implement the requirements of “six stability” and “six guarantees”, focusing on five aspects of stable employment, benefiting people’s livelihood, strengthening support, promoting harmony and excellent service, and make a combination of fist to secure the bottom line of people’s livelihood.This year, The city will improve its employment policy, which is more adequate and of higher quality, and focus on the implementation of policies such as “32 measures to stabilize employment” to reduce burden, stabilize employment and expand employment.We will pay close attention to the policy of lowering the rate of unemployment insurance for periods and implementing the policy of refunding unemployment insurance for stable employment, and encourage more micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and self-employed businesses to create jobs.More than 30,000 people were trained for entrepreneurship, and more than 500 million yuan of guaranteed loans were issued for entrepreneurship.We launched the plan to recruit one million apprenticeships, and developed 26,000 high-quality apprenticeships.We revised the identification methods for people having difficulty finding jobs, provided refined employment assistance services, helped 30,000 people with difficulty finding jobs throughout the year, and ensured the dynamic elimination of zero-employment families.At the same time, vigorously implement vocational skills upgrading action;New apprenticeships in enterprises with Chinese characteristics will be introduced, and training for new occupations and new forms of business will be provided.Implementing projects to improve the quality of employment services;We launched the “10+N” campaign to provide public employment services.We will accelerate the development of a network of smart employment services.”We will continue to expand the coverage of social security, and steadily increase the proportion of actual contributors to the number of people eligible for insurance and the proportion of average contributions to the average salary of employees.”Shen said that new forms of employment and other flexible workers will be encouraged to participate in the insurance, and a separate industrial injury insurance policy will be introduced for students who practice in vocational schools and those who continue to work beyond the statutory retirement age to fully protect the rights and interests of special employees.”In terms of improving the social insurance capacity, we will adjust the level of social insurance benefits at an appropriate time, strengthen the preservation and appreciation of the basic pension funds for urban and rural residents, and put them into personal accounts by way of accounting to raise the level of social insurance benefits.We will expand the coverage of enterprise annuities and explore the implementation of individual pension systems.”The city will accelerate the layout and construction of “returnees Town” and other carriers for overseas talent innovation and entrepreneurship, and attract a number of small and medium-sized enterprises and talent teams to settle in.Implementation of postdoctoral innovative talent support program, international exchange program introduction projects;Focusing on the talent innovation and entrepreneurship alliance of ten industries, 12 key industrial chains and haihe Laboratory construction, optimizing the layout of postdoctoral stations and expanding the postdoctoral recruitment channels;Establish long-term support mechanism for post-doctoral innovation and entrepreneurship;We will carry out a project to update the knowledge of professional and technical personnel, launch a program to cultivate digital technology engineers, and train 10,000 talents in urgent need every year.”In order to improve the mechanism for flexible use of talents, we will issue the implementation opinions on linking the career development of professional and technical talents with that of highly skilled talents, continue to carry out the special service of ‘professional title evaluation for science and technology innovation enterprises’, improve the professional title system construction of’ one chain and one policy ‘, and establish new professional titles such as the Internet of things.”Shen Chao.In terms of protecting rights and interests and promoting harmony, this year The city will fully implement the regulations on guaranteeing the payment of wages for migrant workers, promote the online application of the monitoring and early warning platform for the payment of wages for migrant workers, strengthen the connection with the “Tianjin Governance Connect” and “Internet + Supervision” system, and improve the effectiveness of the radical treatment of unpaid wages.We will improve the Development of the “Internet Plus Mediation and Arbitration” service platform and raise the level of it application.This year, the city will also focus on improving the quality and efficiency of human and social services.Standardization of human and social public services will be promoted to achieve the same standard for the same matter in the whole city;We will do a better job of integrating public institutions’ staff management, recruitment, flexible employment, and enterprise employees’ application for pension benefits.Cooperate with other departments to do a good job in the integration of “one thing”, such as enterprise start-up and newborn birth;We will continue to carry out the “speed up”, “application free” and “cross-provincial” programs.”We will also strengthen the construction of ‘social and banking integration’ service outlets, and strive to reach 260 service outlets by the end of the year, implement the ‘suitable for the aging’ transformation, set up green channels, strengthen the elderly, the disabled and other special groups of services, build a strong service platform around the masses, and strive to create a service circle for people and social convenience.”Shen chao said.Source: Tianjin Daily

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