Us woman receives $15,000 COVID-19 relief!The next, “pay a hit man” to shoot a rival

Jasmine (left) receives $420,000 in benefits and hires a hit man to shoot her love rival, Joan (right).Jasmine Martinez, a Florida woman who received a $15,000 COVID-19 relief loan last year, used the money to hire a hit man to kill her rival and accidentally shoot her 3-year-old son.According to the New York Post, Jasmin, 33, hired Javon Carter, 29, to shoot and kill Le ‘shonte Jones in broad daylight on May 3 last year through her boyfriend Romiel Robinson, 35.Her three-year-old son, who was held in her arms at the time, was also injured. All three have been arrested.Jasmine applied for a $15,000 relief loan from the federal government last year to help set up her salon during the pandemic, the report said.Unexpectedly, she used the money to hire Carter to kill his rival, and Carter after the job, but also on social networking sites to upload their own pictures of counting the money.Jasmine was arrested in 2016 for assaulting Jonesy, who was dating her ex-boyfriend, but the case was later dropped.In 2018 jasmine was caught assaulting Jonesy again after she was attacked in a car park by two men, one of whom was Jonesy’s boyfriend Robinson.Source: Los Angeles Chinese News

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