Why does Sun Baiyang like Yu Ying rather than Er Chun

Sun Baiyang likes Yu Ying, on the one hand, because Yu Ying was in a bad situation at that time, sun Baiyang’s sympathy for the weak was more obvious;The most important thing is that Yu Ying’s personality is sun Baiyang’s favorite type.And chun every step in the harm of Yuying, on the contrary, Yuying know how to protect themselves, and did not harm others.Such a girl, is so independent, so persistent, she put the humiliation at home since childhood, deeply hidden in the beautiful appearance and noble identity, life is so difficult but so strong.If she was “pretentious” and “ruthless”, it was out of self-preservation.Even Father-in-law Xu had to admit that “Yuying is the beauty of the country”, if she did not hide her strength, did not power, she could stand in the palace?Can you shoulder the mission of standing out and striving for the honor of your mother?Poplars didn’t like YuYing actually, the start of the sun, and even some disgust YuYing, but why is it that finally decided to love her only one, only two reasons for can explain, is: they have a common characteristic, that is a filial piety to mother, sun poplars found YuYing forehead niang to her stupid no regrets of filial piety, immediately to YuYing views have changed;In the eyes of onlookers, er Chun smart and kind, foya gentle spoony, sweet floating considerate, hao snow dignified and virtuous, are better than the feelings of Yuying.But Sun falls in love with Yu Ying because she is the most special one to him.Sun Baiyang is influenced by his family of origin, so he is a bit conceited in his nature.He felt that he was always in a strong position and should take care of the weak. He also thought that he lived more fully than others, so he liked to teach others.The second point is: Yu Ying is frank, a little childish, always a soft and weak look, which is very protective to men.Erchun came across as timid and pitiful, gentle and patient with everyone, never offending anyone.Even if it is sandwiched between the queen and the concubine, it can also swim with ease, protect themselves, but also with the help of their power to inherit the favor smoothly.His psychology was simple: for a man of my intelligence, no woman could escape my fiery eye.Chun design to replace yuying medicine, Sun Baiyang on chun do not mind, but said the harem women have to have a means to protect themselves, can prove it.

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