Zhu Kunming: The financial support for the women’s football team should continue, I hope they return to the top

The women’s football girl won the Asian Cup champion, the whole country people are very happy, the champion’s bonus, the reward of the domestic enterprise concerned, let Sonora rose obtained the real income.I like to study history and military affairs. Military strategists may win or lose in battle. The most important thing is to give them a second chance.The same is true for sports matches. The trust of coaches and players should remain as always. Even if there is a failure or poor performance in the future, the fans should also be tolerant and tolerant.When the men’s football team qualified for the World Cup, the fans were also enthusiastic, and then the results were not good enough for everyone to have views on the men’s football team.Unlike the men’s team, where the results have been stable and continue to decline, the women’s team is like the waves, with ups and downs, always giving us surprises.The same is true of women’s volleyball team. They often win gold MEDALS in the Olympic Games, not to mention men’s basketball, volleyball and football.Corporate support for women’s football should always be maintained, no matter what happens in the future.To be a caring and responsible screenwriter, Zhu Kunming

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