Attention!There will be obvious rain and snow in the Middle East region of Tibet from 19th to 21st

China’s Tibet webex Tibet autonomous regional meteorological station on February 18, 17 when the weather news, affected by the low value system, is expected in February 19 solstice 21, Tibet, the Middle East will have obvious rain and snow weather, including eastern north nyingchi, qamdo, naqu south and xigaze and shannan has small to moderate snow (rain), part of the high altitude mountains to blizzard;There was light snow in Lhasa, north of Shigaze, north of Shannan and south of Qamdo, with moderate to heavy snow in some places.After the snow, the temperature drops by 4 to 8 degrees Celsius in the above areas, and the temperature drops by more than 10 degrees Celsius in some high altitude areas.Along with the cooling weather, northern Tibet and along the Himalayas with force 7 to 8 winds, along the Ya River valley with about force 5 gusts.Meteorological authorities suggest that the snowfall will further deepen the snow in high-altitude areas in central, eastern and southern Tibet, which will have a great impact on transportation.Prevent the adverse impact of post-snow cooling weather on water supply, power supply, heating facilities and people’s lives;Pastoral areas to do livestock cold insulation work;The windy weather is obvious in northern Tibet and the southern edge of Tibet, so it is necessary to strengthen outdoor structures against wind.(Correspondent for China Xizang Net/Ci Dan Jiumei)

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