Central media anger, shared area into a muddle, will be cancelled?Will there be compensation for those who buy early?

Against the background of the impending property tax, there are growing calls for the abolition of shared area.For the majority of house buyers, high house prices affect people’s purchase costs, but in recent years, China has increased the property market regulation, many areas of the house price has fallen, for the majority of house buyers, there are two systems to bring you trouble, one is the pre-sale system, the other is the common area system.Under the presale system, buyers have to wait two or three years to get their houses, during which time they have to rent, and the delivery quality is not guaranteed.Under the common area system, many house buyers are suffering.According to the building code, the shared area includes the tube well, the guard room on duty, the management room, the common room, the elevator shaft, the stairwell and other areas, which cannot be divided and are shared, so the cost will be shared.The shared area is the difference between the area inside and the building area. The shared rate of the general multi-storey residence is about 15%, and the shared rate of the high-rise residence is about 28%. If you buy a high-rise residence house, a house of 100 square meters, the actual usable area may only be 70 square meters.Central media anger, public share area into a muddle, public share will be cancelled?Will there be compensation for those who buy early?With the rise of housing prices in recent years, the call for the abolition of public sharing is getting louder and louder.Related media also have attention to the common area.In 2022, the second issue of half month talk published an article, do not let the house like open blind box, which clearly suggested the cancellation of shared area.The article thinks common share area became muddle accounts, main performance is the following.The first point is that under the system of shared area, the shared area is misappropriated, and the income that should belong to the owner is not distributed to the owner. The decoration fee and property fee corresponding to the shared area are charged at a relatively high standard.After 2018, many developers began to sell homes with decoration, if the decoration price is 3,000 yuan per square meter, the shared area part is also calculated according to the decoration standards, which will increase the burden of the people.The second point is that some communities are used to renting out the internal business places of underground garages to obtain profits. The profits from renting out these public places should be shared by all owners. However, in reality, it is rare to return the profits from shared area.The 3rd point, common share area and property cost, heating cost wait for charge bind together, a few decorate a company when calculating decorate charge, also can choose building area to collect charge.The fourth point, how is the shared area calculated?What exactly does it involve?Consumers remain in the dark.After consumer buys a house, building area can be recorded on immovable property card, but not how many common share area can be recorded.Shared area is widely criticized, mainly because of the existence of these three problems.First, equally Shared area only developers know, individual buyers could not be detected, and the equally Shared area distribution in various parts of the village, could not let the consumer with a ruler to measure out bit by bit, so the enterprise can be equally Shared area, only need to increase the equally Shared area of each house two square meters, if a district 1000 sets of house,Also more than 2000 square meters of area, according to the price of 10,000 yuan, housing enterprises can increase the sales performance of 20 million yuan.The 2nd, the construction cost that share part is lower, but collect fees according to the price of area inside cover however.In decoration of residence, set within the area of part will be laid floor, the paint on the ground and metope, water and electricity pipes and toilet facilities will decorate good, yet equally Shared some not so high, if the internal area is part of the construction cost is 2000 yuan per square metre, equally Shared part may only 500 yuan per square metre, the price scissors can raise the burden of buyers.Third, the signal of the arrival of the property tax is getting stronger and stronger. In the context of promoting common prosperity and adjusting the income gap, the pilot property tax will be steadily promoted. If the shared area is not abolished, those who buy high-rise residences will have to pay tax for the shared area, which is unfair to those who spend six wallets to buy a house.The drawbacks of shared area are recognized, and many industry insiders also support the abolition of shared area, especially to avoid a large number of contradictions and disputes and make the real estate market more transparent.So now half a month to talk about the shortcomings of the shared area to expose, does it mean that the shared area will be canceled?In fact, the article also said that it is not realistic to try to cancel the shared area overnight, after all, the real estate transaction is a huge system, involving many interest groups.In the transitional stage, relevant departments can clarify the scope of shared area and strengthen the supervision of the whole process.Can see, cancel common share area, although can avoid contradiction and dispute, but cancel immediately, not realistic.However, in the long run, the cancellation of shared area is a necessary condition to maintain market fairness and transparency. Moreover, Chongqing and Guangzhou have piloted trading in accordance with the area within the set. As long as the trading rules are clearly explained, all problems can be solved.If you really cancel the shared area later, you can reduce the burden of home buyers.So will those who bought early be compensated?I don’t think it’s realistic. If there are 1000 houses in a community, the price is 20,000 yuan per square meter, and the shared area is 30 square meters on average, the shared compensation in a community alone will reach 600 million yuan.Concentration in the real estate market is increasing, some small developers have long ceased to exist, and some big developers can still survive, but in the face of hundreds of millions of yuan of compensation, if all cash, I’m afraid developers will go bankrupt.Now the country is actively improving the order of the housing market, especially the slogan of “housing is not speculation” has been adhered to for six years, which means that the future housing price will return to a stable, for buyers who just need to buy a house, the pressure will be reduced.

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