Hua Liming: China’s rise makes the United States panic, the United States on three fronts to suppress

Editor’s note: On January 24, 2022, the “‘ How China Responds to Global Changes’ Chongyang Forum 2022 was held in Beijing, sponsored by The Chongyang Institute for Finance and Economics of Renmin University of China (Chongyang).Address at the opening ceremony, the Chinese people’s university President liu wei, executive director of the National People’s Congress, vice President, chongyang financial institute special speech yuan-chun liu, former vice foreign minister he yafei, deputy governor of bank of China, the original ms zhang, China construction bank deputy governor of the original rocky, cicc managing director Mr Haizou nearly 30 experts online to attend and speak,By the National People’s Congress double Ninth executive president Wang Wen chaired.Hua Liming, former Chinese ambassador to Iran and a senior researcher at the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China, was the guest speaker for the discussion.The current competition is nothing like the cold War rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union, when the two superpowers, each on one side, vied for sphere of influence and world hegemony.After the end of the Cold War, the United States prevailed, squeezing Russia’s strategic space on one hand and suppressing China’s development on the other.During the cold War, China was in the Soviet union’s camp, and the United States’ policy toward China was blockade and encirclement. After the Cold War, the sino-US relations experienced historic changes in the 21st century.The profound implications of China’s rise for the United States are as follows: First, for hundreds of years of western industrialization, 80% of the wealth of human society has been enjoyed by 20% of the developed countries.With the rise of China and the development of a range of developing countries, this pattern may break down.And with that broken down, the world’s rules may no longer be set by the United States alone.Second, as the world’s first big country of 1.4 billion people to achieve its development goals in a non-Western way, China has challenged the social system and values promoted by the United States.As a result, the gap between China and the United States is gradually narrowing. For the United States, there is a kind of unprecedented panic in the United States, which we will see in 2022 and will continue to develop.Nowadays, the great power competition is between China, the United States and Russia. It is a struggle between the United States to maintain its hegemony and China and Russia to maintain their right to survival and development.In 2021, the United States encountered many difficulties, including a serious epidemic and unprecedented social division.After a lackluster year in office, including a botched epidemic, a rash of cases in the United States, and a diplomatically irresponsible withdrawal from Afghanistan that was a scandal, Biden’s international standing in 2021 will be poor.But it is not letting up for a moment in its pursuit of confrontation with the two giants.For the United States, there are three fronts: China in the Far East, Ukraine in Europe, and Russia in NATO.Mr Trump’s four years in office have damaged transatlantic relations.When Biden took office, he tried to repair the divisions between the United States and Europe caused by Trump, but to little effect.In the game between China and the United States, the United States did its best, but it did not gain the upper hand.On the Far Eastern front, there is no chance of victory.On the European front, only Ukraine can be used.The United States wants to use Ukraine to divide Russia from Europe.Let Ukraine join NATO, this is not the real goal of the United States, the real goal is to provoke the crisis in Ukraine, use Ukraine to further bind the ALLIANCE between the United States and Europe, divide the relationship between Russia and Europe.After that, the Fed could easily raise rates and use the opportunity to cut capital.From any point of view, the United States in dealing with the Ukraine issue, the division of the Relationship between Russia and Europe, should be better.China and the United States are in dispute, the United States can only play a draw.China is harder for the US to deal with than Russia because it is now a huge and fast-growing economy.In 2021, the global epidemic is raging, the global economy is declining, and the industrial chain and supply chain are suffering great losses.Of course, despite this, the gap between China and the US economy is still narrowing. China’s GDP now accounts for 70% of the TOTAL GDP of the US. China’s middle class population has exceeded 400 million.So, the United States is terrified of a situation like this.During biden’s year in office, the US did not relax for a moment. He used all the resources at his disposal to make trouble and weaken China from all sides.For example, the Taiwan situation, the South China Sea issue, for example, and the China-India relations.All of this is going to be a headache for China.However, we should see that on all the problems created by the US, the initiative should be in The hands of the Chinese side.The most noteworthy thing is that despite the fierce competition between China and the United States, China-Russia relations have developed year by year and steadily improved.Therefore, I say the two sides of China and the United States is a draw, no win, no loss.Us-russian relations are at their lowest point since the end of the Cold War.Russia is the legacy of the former Soviet Union, and the United States must reduce Russia’s strategic space, which is the established policy of the United States will not change.For Russian President Vladimir Putin, the contradiction between Russia’s right to exist and its strategic space not being compressed is almost insoluble.After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia’s national strength has indeed fallen off a cliff, but it should be acknowledged that Russia still has a vast territory, a powerful military force and one of the world’s largest nuclear forces, coupled with Russia’s unbroken great power aspirations.In addition, although the economy is underdeveloped, it still has potential.This gives Russia a very important position in the struggle between the United States and Russia.Therefore, in the past, the struggle for expansion of strategic space and containment between the United States and Russia has actually been relatively clear.In 2022, it will continue fiercely.The gap between the interests and positions of the US and Russia is so wide that no one is willing to make major concessions, especially for Russia, which has the right to exist and the right to develop.It is foreseeable that the DETERIORATION of US-Russia relations will not lead to a return to the Cold War or the outbreak of direct military conflict, but it will not be easy for the US-Russia relations to thaw out the past in 2022.So perhaps the most important thing the US and Russia need to do right now is to prevent them from misfiring in Ukraine and Syria.In this year’s world, who is the leader of the world?Can America afford to lead the world?It has more than 50 Allies of its own, but the ties between those 50 Allies are not strong, and all of America’s Allies have seen that the United States is not willing to shoulder the burden of protecting them.China has always adopted the principle of non-alignment, and we believe that in 2022, or even in the next decade, China will not give up the policy of non-alignment.Therefore, neither China nor the United States can play the role of real world leaders. The structural contradictions between rising and leading countries mean that China and the United States cannot provide the so-called “two superpowers” for the world, or jointly lead the world.When the United States and China cannot lead the world alone or together, we cannot expect any other nation or international organization.For example, the United Nations and other international organizations are capable of assuming world leadership. Without global leadership, global governance will inevitably stagnate.For example, we are very concerned about climate change, counter-terrorism, illegal immigration, human trafficking and so on. There is little possibility of international cooperation.Therefore, as long as China Narrows its economic gap with the United States in the future, the economic competition between China and the United States will intensify in 2022. The Biden administration puts the economic interests of the United States in the first place, which is the strategic priority of the United States.Because most Americans believe that China’s challenge to U.S. international leadership is based on economic power, not military might.Compared with the past few years, some changes have taken place in 2021 after the US hit a brick wall in its dealings with China. Due to China’s firm determination to defend its rights and fight against hegemonism, the US has realized that it will continue to use extreme pressure to force China to make concessions, which is not only impossible, but may ultimately shoot itself in the foot.Therefore, in 2021, some US leaders and senior officials successively stated that the US does not seek a new Cold War, does not seek to change China’s system, does not seek to strengthen alliance, oppose China, does not support Taiwan independence, and has no intention of conflict and confrontation with China.This policy has actually been in place for decades, but in 2021 the US is forced to say that we are the winner in the sino-US relationship.But at the same time, on a series of issues concerning China’s sovereignty, security and development interests, the United States is still stirring up new troubles, such as the Xinjiang issue, the Hong Kong issue and the Taiwan issue.Therefore, China’s policy towards the US remains what President Xi Jinping has always advocated, namely, the three principles of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and win-win cooperation. These three principles sum up the experience and lessons learned from more than half a century of exchanges between China and the US, and they are the only way to restore the sound and steady growth of China-Us relations.Chongyang Institute of Finance, Renmin University of China (RDCY) was founded on January 19, 2013. It is a major project funded by Chongyang Investment, which donated to Renmin University of China and established the education Fund operation.As a new think tank with Chinese characteristics, The Double Ninth Session of the National People’s Congress (NPC) has hired dozens of former political leaders, bankers and renowned scholars around the world as senior researchers, aiming to focus on reality, advise the country and serve the people.Currently, the Double Ninth Festival has seven departments and four operation and management centers (ecological Finance Research Center, Global Governance Research Center, Sino-US Cultural Exchange Research Center, and Sino-Russian Cultural Exchange Research Center).In recent years, the NPC Double Ninth Festival has won high recognition both at home and abroad in the research fields of financial development, global governance, major-country relations, macro policies and so on.I know you are “watching” yo ~

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