JMC’s chief financial officer Liu Jun has worked in Ford, Geely, Bideng Du and is only 40 years old

Jiangling automobile as a household car enterprises in the industry, in fact, the selection of talent is quite considered, and the operator will reveal the same jiangling automobile valued talent.And he still has a characteristic, that is very young, he is jiangling automobile current financial director Zhu Liujun.Relevant information shows that Zhu Liujun was born in 1982, he graduated from Nanjing University accounting major, master graduated from Singapore Nanyang Technological University financial engineering major.Actually, the university that Zhu Liu Jun places reads also is very famous, and after he enters an office, also make persistent efforts again, stem the position that important step by step.And before, Zhu Liujun also once held many posts in the automobile industry.For example, he served as Ford Asia Pacific Product Program Finance Manager, Profit Analysis Manager, Administration and IT Finance Director, and Product Program Finance Director.He also served as deputy Finance Director and Finance Director of the China-Europe R&D Center in Sweden for Geely Auto and Byton New Energy Vehicles, respectively.In addition, He has served as Senior Manager of Ford China Business Development, Chief Financial Officer of Electric Vehicle business, and Director of Strategic cooperation and Development of electric vehicle.Zhu Liujun, who has only worked for more than 10 years, became the cfo of JMC in October 2021 at the age of 39.Other senior executives are older. Xu Lanfeng, the company’s board secretary, is 53, not to mention the chairman and general manager, but senior executives tend to have more seniority.In terms of performance, Jiangling Motors Corporation, Ltd. ‘s 2021 annual performance report shows that the production and sales volume of Jiangling Motors in 2021 will be 339,600 and 341,000 units respectively, and the company’s net profit in 2021 will be 574 million yuan, ranking first among commercial vehicle enterprises.Although Zhu Liujun is only the company’s chief financial officer, the company’s revenue and sales have no direct relationship with him, but the considerable performance of the company is also a good thing for him, after all, the company’s benefits are closely related to the interests of employees.

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