She cuts through the heart and screams, “You want bones?Then go to hell and get it.”

She pierces her heart and screams, “Do you want bones?That can come with me to hell to get it “” but flowers don’t after” novel introduction: suxi is to let the enemy fearsome shura war, she think you are invincible, but in shen ink dust there, she is misunderstood, tortured, were crushed into the dust, she just know she will be annihilated, also hurts to escape with forgotten.Great content: “Are you all right?”Will not be missing into a disease!Shen Mochen pick eyebrow, way: “you don’t believe?After I led my troops to the scenic Valley and failed to suppress bandits, Susu wrote this book for me overnight and put it in my study.”Just at that time he did not know how to cherish, her painstaking efforts to abandon the humble shoe.Fortunately, I got it back.After looking through the book, I realized that every word and every word in the book was written by her weeping blood.You can’t write about people who haven’t been to war, and you can’t write about people who have no secrets.This was sun Tzu’s “Art of War” given to her by Su Xi, who locked himself in his study and studied it obsessively.Now it comes in handy.Susu, if you leave, I’ll win the war for you.If the battle is won, it is yours to win;If the failure, in me.After you leave, I shen Mo dust a glorious return to you.I’ll take the blame for all the abuse.As shameful as it is…Susu, when you’re gone, all I can think about is…This is a comfort.Jin Yan spread out to see, also had to snoop to sporadic words, such as “distract”, “lead the snake into the hole” and so on.The boulder he had lifted in his mind was back in place.His king is really different.He knew that the princess had changed him.If…How wonderful it would be if the princess were still alive!Outside the account knife and halberd sound more and more big, Shen Mochen and Jin Yan did not delay, immediately joined the battle.The attack initiated by the enemy boomeranged on the enemy.The enemy were badly beaten and fled in panic.Shen Mo-dust point three thousand elite in hot pursuit.He did not listen to the adjutant’s advice, but said that this was the best time to pursue the victory and should not be missed.Jin Yan could not, had to secretly follow, in order to plan Wan Quan.Shen Mo-dust and the enemy general tangled together, two people do not let the two troops to help.”On evil” novel introduction: Fu Jiuqing heart hidden a big secret, their daughter-in-law, is he quietly picked up……She dyed blood for his hands, for the white moonlight in his heart, made a detoxification jar.But on that day, when bandits were besiegedthe city, he said, Go and distract them, and I will save her.Later, he regretted, but she never came back…Wonderful content: “Hear little madam and five childe are just married?””Be!”Jin Yue answered.Fingertips brushed from the cup, thinking, is gu Ruoli investigating his father’s affairs?After all, my father was a member of the Fu family, secured with money and connections. If…Jin Yue took the time to take a cup and glanced up at Gu Ruo, but she could not see anything in her face.This side concubine lady, since the appearance of that time, will always smile, look very approachable.But for some reason, jin Yue felt uncomfortable when she saw her smile.”I listen to, five little lady seems not hengzhou accent.”Gu Ruoli sipped the tea and smiled quietly.To this point, Jin Yue said, “The side concubine is from Kyoto, so maybe she can’t get used to the hengzhou accent, so you’ll get used to it.”Gu Ruo, with a slight frown on her brow and a slight delay in her hand holding the cup, could not say a word. She was not from Hengzhou herself, so she had to speak in a Hengzhou accent.”What the young lady says is very true.”Gu Ruo from feather ciliary slight drooping, blink of an eye then collect just mood, light ask a way, “right, little madam before have been to Kyoto?”Jin Yue shook her head and answered honestly, “I was born and raised in Hengzhou. I have never been to the East Capital.”Gu Ruo from lift a glance at her, feel her this look is not like false, then smile answer way, “that little madam later come to Kyoto, must look for me, I take you to stroll, see the scene of Kyoto city.”In words, it is watertight, let people pick no mistakes.Jin Yue nodded. “Princess Xie Side!””I see, five children really treat you to the heart.”Gu Ruo took a sip of tea and said calmly, “Never leave me alone. I hate to hold it in the palm of my hand.”Introduction to the novel: As the patron saint of Da Ye, she was betrayed by her beloved in a plot, her legs were disused, her face was skinned, and all five generations and nine ethnic groups were slaughtered. In a ruined temple, in front of arhat Buddha, she cut out her chest and broke her heart with her own hands and died in peace.When the king of god, the rebirth of the body of the emperor nymphomaniac bag?She said, “The whole world bears me down. I will cover the whole earth with dead bodies and rivers of blood.””You expect me to trust someone who did me harm?It’s ridiculous to use my family’s treasure for the sake of an enemy.It seems that Xiao Ye did not tell you, I Ann Zur has always been better than to die.”Words fall, her right hand straight into his heart, out of the hands more than a bright red heart, exhausted residual force five fingers a pinch, that heart is born to be crushed by her palm.Want to extract the whereabouts of Linglong jade bone from her?She would die before she gave them that chance.She fell to the ground, her eyes full of frantic determination: “You want bones?Then follow me to the hell to take it, MY Life is not revenge, death as a ghost will not let you go.”Vaguely, she heard the woman’s fierce but weak threat in her ear. With a smile like a devil on her lips, Ann Zur looked in the woman’s direction until she died, and she thought that she wished she had not cut off her hands and her tongue to prevent her from committing suicide.Unfortunately, it is too late to regret!It was she who blindly trusted the wrong man. For an unworthy man, she ruined herself and her family. She was unworthy of her father and her people.So today, she broke her heart and apologized to her people by dying.She would like to pack this Wolf tiger leopard, already dirty heart, completely discarded.If there is an afterlife, she Ann Su ning abandoned god, oath into the devil, also will personally harm her people all kill, she will personally destroy this she used to guard the world, she wants this big ye wanli Jiangshan rivers of blood, in order to offer her the spirit of nine ethnic dead in heaven!Crack – another flash of lightning.In the middle of the night, thousands of miles away, a figure suddenly sat up from the couch, the wind whistled against the edge of the window, and she stood barefoot by the window, her hair dancing in a wild dance, with a cold giggle and red, bloodthirsty eyes.As if the shura came into the world!The above is the novel to share with you today, if you like it, you can click the bookmark to watch it for free, there are wonderful content waiting for you later, we will see you next time.

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