“Society” residents of the Paris region won 13 million euros!Be a multi-millionaire in the New Year

Paris, Feb. 3 (Rugia) — A Parisian resident in his 40s has entered the multimillionaire camp in the New Year after winning 13 million euros in Super Loto on the last day of 2021.According to Le Parisien newspaper, the French National Lottery (FDJ) has set up a special Super Loto lottery on New Year’s Eve to win up to 13 million euros for anyone who can pick six numbers: 1, 2, 11, 18, 48 and 7.Normally he only bets on scratch-offs or EuroMillions, but the French national Lottery offers special prizes on special occasions such as New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day and he decided to give it a try.The lottery player was celebrating the New Year with his girlfriend and a close friend on December 31, 2021. After having dinner, he decided to check the lottery results online at around 22:30 and discovered he had won the jackpot.The joy was so sudden and intense that the trio skipped the main course and went straight to dessert, pouring copious amounts of champagne.Isabelle Cesari, head of the Big Winners customer relations department at the French National Lottery, said the winner had been paid a few days ago and that the man was calm, grounded and thinking about his future and that his life had not changed.The lottery winner, a resident of the Paris region, declined to identify himself or where he lives.He says he usually only picks the numbers he likes when placing bets.”So far nothing has changed,” he says. “I’m still living a normal life, but the bank calls me more often.”He plans to take some time to make the most of his windfall, even buying some financial investment magazines to do so.According to Isabel Cesari, the winner plans to buy an apartment for his parents and travel, choosing vacation destinations by comparing his wish list to one he asked his girlfriend to draw up. He hopes to go to South America and Asia.The €13 million jackpot, the fifth largest in 2021, can give the winner a good living for a long time, but it’s still a far cry from the EuroMillions prize.In October 2021, a record 220 million euros was won by a woman in Tahiti, French Polynesie.And two days before New Year’s Eve, another Frenchman won the euromillions lottery prize of 80 million euros.

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