The set-top box market will be strong again in the future

A report by Global Market Insights (GMI) predicts that set-top boxes will strengthen again in many regions (after the pandemic reduced sales and installations), reaching a market value of $20 billion by 2028.While a shortage of chips caused by the pandemic has affected the supply of system chip technology and damaged the supply chain, “the Set-top box market in Europe is growing thanks to the increasing use of technology products in the entertainment industry.And in the domestic set-top box market, formed when the shell box and millet box dichotomy pattern.At the beginning of 2022, Dangbei launched two new box products, Dangbei BOX B3 and Dangbei Box Max1. The former is equipped with Amlogic S922X, a new generation of intelligent entertainment video and audio chip of Jingchen, and the performance is 40% higher than Amlogic S905X4.With K output, anti-aliasing, image enhancement, clear de-noising, intelligent sharpening and other functions, this chip configuration is often used for ten thousand yuan level flagship TV.Danbei Max1 has an innovative appearance design, equipped with a new dot matrix display. When users operate, Danbei Max1 will display different lovely facial expressions, as well as clock, weather and other information, which improves the fun and playability of TV box in the living room.Global Market Insights (GMI) believes that despite the popularity of smart TVS, the market for set-top boxes is still huge and the value of set-top boxes is still significant.

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