Where does learning preschool teacher major go good?What are you going to learn?What is enter oneself for an examination condition?

Preschool teacher has become a popular career in the market, therefore, many junior high school students want to learn preschool teacher professional, but, to learn preschool teacher professional where good?What are the specific contents to learn?What is enter oneself for an examination condition?Today I will talk to you about the kindergarten teacher professional, give you a brief introduction.Students from vocational technical colleges should be at least 14 years old and interested in preschool education. Students from junior high school and previous junior high school students can apply for this program. However, students should pass the comprehensive evaluation of the school on site before learning preschool education and meet the requirements in all aspects.1, regular features, good skin color, healthy body;2, no chronic skin disease;3. Speak clearly, speak Mandarin fluently and hear at least 5 meters;4. No history of mental illness and epilepsy, normal liver function, nephritis, infectious diseases and various chronic diseases;5. Qualified students will be selected according to their scores and enrollment plan after passing the interview.2. What are the main basic theories and professional knowledge of preschool teachers’ professional learning courses? The courses include:Chinese, maths, English, piano, dancing, painting, early childhood education, psychology, sociology of education, child care, early childhood education research methods, the kindergarten, kindergarten to play game design and fabrication, mandarin, oral English teachers teaching AIDS related course content, cultivate moral, intellectual, physical, all-round development of the high quality, high skill talented person,Including intelligent bilingual preschool teachers/health management teachers/kindergarten teachers/nutritional catering and other related industries highly skilled application-oriented talents.3, learning teacher professional to learn teacher professional advice to choose a large scale, strong teaching force, good training equipment school.Good vocational school adopts principle real integration teaching method, create world market the forefront of professional teachers professional training room configuration, training room, manual training room contains dance form, painting, training room, a piano practice room, hire a professional teacher, learned and stage assessment on a regular basis to ensure that students can learn professional skills and professional knowledge,Adopt school-enterprise oriented classes, students can start work after graduation.4, preschool teacher professional employment prospects?Now preschool teacher employment has been very popular, graduation can be engaged in multiple positions, such as: kindergarten, nursery, parent-child park and other units as children’s teaching work, but also can serve as children’s English, dance, art, piano and other skills training.After completing the kindergarten education and obtaining the kindergarten teacher qualification certificate, they usually practice in the kindergarten for a period of time, and then become a formal kindergarten teacher.Preschool teacher professional work is more stable, there are relevant holidays, the working environment is better.Therefore, junior high school students to read preschool teacher major is also a very good choice.If you are ready to learn the teacher professional, welcome private letter understanding, also can say your opinion to the teacher in the comment area.

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