4-1!Small country of 3.47 million wins again: Manchester United superstars explode, Suarez beats Messi

Beijing time on August 10, 7:00, South American World Cup round of 16, in the first half of this temple kuhl, Alastair score card eta and cavani, suarez penalty killed the game in the second half, a city back Joseph, Uruguay’s 4-1 victory over venezuela, harvest two World Cup games, temporarily up to fourth place, see the direct line of hope.Uruguay, ranked 17th in the world and third in South America, and Venezuela, 59th, are two rounds ahead of the tournament.Araujo missed out on cavani’s cross from the right after only a minute, but pentancour volleyed home to give Uruguay a dream start to a 1-0 lead.In the 36th minute, young pelisteri put on a wonderful individual show, assist de Alascaeta eat cake easily, Uruguay extended the advantage, 2-0!The 46th minute, Suarez shot inside the penalty area was blocked, de Arascaeta melee will pick up the ball, Cavani homeward bicycle kick, 3-0!The 34-year-old Manchester United striker scored a superb goal and was applauded by the home fans.In the 47th minute, Pelisteri was brought down in the penalty area, and the referee watched the VAR and awarded a penalty kick.Then Suarez was saved, but the other side of the defender into the penalty area ahead of time, so penalties to heavy.This time, Suarez did not waste the opportunity and easily scored, 4-0!Suarez scored twice in a row to surpass Messi and become the top scorer in South America with 28 goals.Cavani stopped smartly and volleyed home in the 60th minute but was ruled out for offside.The 62nd minute, Jimenez clearance error, Joseph single knife pull back a goal, 1-4!Last November, Uruguay suffered an embarrassing 3-0 defeat at the hands of lowly Bolivia-an embarrassing four-game losing streak that led to the sacking of 74-year-old Manuel Tavares and the appointment of 46-year-old Diego Alonso.Uruguay bounced back to beat Paraguay and Venezuela in five days, turning the tables in an instant.Uruguay leapfrogged Chile and Peru to fourth in the standings.In accordance with the rules of the preliminary round, the top four in South America qualify directly, and the fifth place will be a play-off with the fifth place in Asia, which is good news for Uruguay, even if they do not qualify for Qatar, they are not afraid to play the play-off.With a population of 3.47 million, Uruguay is definitely a small country, but it has a lot of talent and has won the World Cup twice in its history.In addition, Uruguay has qualified for three consecutive World Cups since 2010 and is not far behind Qatar.

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