German weapons arrived, Ukraine didn’t get the missiles it wanted, 5,000 helmets

As reported by on January 27, the United States, Britain and other countries have been sending weapons to Ukraine at the time of the border crossing between Russia and Ukraine.In just two weeks, the United States has sent three shipments of weapons to Ukraine, weighing nearly 300 tons.Most of the weapons sent to Ukraine are anti-tank missiles, anti-aircraft missiles and so on, which the United States and Britain call defensive weapons.But Germany, the backbone of the European Union and an important member of NATO, has said nothing about coming to Ukraine’s aid.So, earlier this week, Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany came to his door and asked the German government to provide defensive weapons as soon as possible to fend off the Russian threat.Not only is Ukraine pressing for arms every day, but The United States is pressing Germany, on behalf of NATO, to send arms to Ukraine as soon as possible.Perhaps under pressure from many sides, Germany decided to send arms to Ukraine, but the list of weapons was disappointing.The German defense minister says His country will send 5,000 steel helmets to Ukraine to meet its request for defensive weapons.Whether these 5,000 German helmets are weapons is another matter, but they are defensive in nature and fit Ukraine’s requirements very well. They can be called the most perfunctory aid to Ukraine.After learning that Germany was preparing to send them, Ukraine’s ambassador to Berlin bargained for an increase to 100,000 helmets, plus a number of body armour.In the face of the German weapons, Kiev mayor Klitschko did not seem satisfied, she said: this time to send helmets, next time to send pillows?In contrast, the weapons sent by the United States are more to Ukraine’s liking.At the top of Ukraine’s wish list would be javelin missiles.While the United States has provided such weapons to Ukraine, it is clear that Ukraine needs more.Javelin missile is a relatively old weapon, but against tanks and other armored vehicles, is still an effective equipment.Another badly needed missile is the Stinger anti-aircraft missile, which has a range of up to three miles and can use infrared guidance to destroy low-flying targets.Because Ukraine’s air force is so weak, its airspace is largely defended by anti-aircraft missiles.In addition to missiles, the Ukrainian army has turned to weapons of asymmetric warfare, simple explosive devices, in the face of powerful Russian forces.If war breaks out, with these simple explosives, the Ukrainian army can slow the Russian attack.The United States has suffered disproportionately in Afghanistan and Iraq.The Americans, who know the power of roadside bombs, may pass on their technology to the Ukrainian army, threatening and killing local trucks and convoys.Editor: Karen Wu

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