Open your sleeve | 3 recruit take you get to learn ceremony of the new term

Students often hear the words “Hurry up and improve efficiency” from their parents or teachers.But after school, in the face of the heavy curriculum content, how to improve learning efficiency?First of all, we should make a reasonable study plan for ourselves.Make a simple “study plan” and stick to it and review it over a period of time.If the learning effect is not significant, immediately adjust and optimize;Secondly, be good at using the method of analysis and summary to learn.For example, focus on the same type of topics, summarize their commonalities and draw inferences by analogy.Over time, it can improve the proficiency of this kind of content, so as to improve learning efficiency;Finally, don’t prolong your study time too much by staying up late.The efficiency of class the next day is more important than “pulling an all-nighter.”Learn not to procrastinate or zone out, and make sure you get more done in your limited time.As the saying goes, “A good memory is better than a bad pen”, I believe that most of the students have a deep feeling.A clear, well-written notebook is very important when reviewing knowledge.When it comes to note-taking methods, we have to mention the “three-color note-taking method”.The black pen records knowledge points, the blue pen records the extended meaning of knowledge points, and the red pen is used to mark important content or questions that are not understood in class.”Three-color pen” reflects different content and levels, review up more effective.Note-taking, a traditional and effective learning method, can not only help people develop good habits of thinking, but also improve their concentration in class, thus improving their learning efficiency.Students must complete the notes well oh ~03- each subject learning “small magic” Chinese: pay attention to the usual reading and accumulation, read and write more, leisure time can also practice more words;Mathematics: be good at using oneself wrong topic this, classify question type.Summarize the reasons from the wrong topic, find the method of doing this kind of topic;English: accumulate vocabulary and English sentence patterns. When you go out, you can carry a vocabulary book with you to make good use of the scattered time.Science: while attaching importance to the theoretical basis, we should also practice and observe more. Mastering theoretical phenomena in practice can also help us to have a more solid memory.After mastering these tips, you can also share your learning experience with your friends and help others.In fact, this is also a review process, in the process of helping others to learn can timely find their own shortcomings, at any time to correct;At the same time, in this process, I can also learn from others’ strengths and improve myself.Today our learning methods to share here first, finally, xiaobian also want to give you parents a paragraph of words.Middle and high school children are in the rebellious stage of growth, parents also need to communicate with their children, listen to their true thoughts.In terms of learning, we should also respect children’s opinions and not interfere too much.Those “other people’s children” behind, standing is also a group of “other people’s parents.”At the beginning of the new semester, I hope the children can quickly adapt to find their own learning methods;Parents set an example and be a strong supporter of their children.

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