Epidemic line quick review | care for special groups, in a steady state to meet the big examination

From 3am on April 1 to 3am on April 5, nucleic acid screening in Puxi was in full swing in accordance with the unified deployment of the new round of nucleic acid screening in Shanghai.Meanwhile, puxi implemented strict containment management for four days.Puxi is only a part of Shanghai, but the size of this part is amazing, involving nearly 16 million people, more than most of the world’s major cities.In such a space to achieve full nucleic acid, regional static, pressure and challenges can be imagined.At present, Shanghai is also in an orderly way to seal control, detection work.After the regular social rhythm is interrupted, people are most concerned about the needs of some special groups, such as whether medical treatment can be guaranteed, which also tests the quality of containment work.At a press conference this morning, Zeng Qun, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, said that communities are required to handle hemodialysis, major diseases and residents’ urgent medical needs, and grasp basic information in a timely manner.All districts have generally established docking mechanisms with medical institutions and unblocked access to medical treatment.These specific requirements, obviously, have absorbed past experience, made a preparatory plan.More detailed and humanistic safeguards have also emerged in some media visits.One can see the management power of a city being mobilized at this moment to keep things running under lockdown.For example, in many communities, elderly people in their districts are surveyed in advance. Volunteers visit their homes in advance and deliver them vegetables and common medicines for a week.Some volunteers also explained the usage of the medicine one by one and wrote on the medicine box, leaving a piece of paper with the contact number of the neighborhood committee on the table before leaving.At the same time, some hospitals have established emergency hemodialysis rooms, classified management of operating rooms, and unblocked access channels for critical and severe children to ensure normal medical order during lockdown.Relevant departments have also made it clear that during the lockdown period in Puxi, all tertiary hospitals and other hospitals are open to the public as well as outpatient and emergency services and fever clinics, and they can go to these hospitals for emergency treatment.These tasks are particularly important.The delay in the treatment of other diseases due to the epidemic control measures has been a major concern for many people.Only when these problems are properly arranged can people have a solid and secure mind.As an international city, Shanghai still has many measures to prepare for a rainy day.Like a lot of foreigners, what about them at the moment?In fact, Shanghai has also taken this into consideration, and the staff has produced a notice of containment management in Chinese, English, Japanese and other languages to ensure that every “Shanghai resident” is aware of the relevant policies.These preliminary work, are highlighting a new round of nucleic acid screening temperature.Containment is necessary under special circumstances and will certainly cause inconvenience.But the sealing and control measures can knock details, as far as possible to complete no dead Angle.Only on this basis can special control measures gain broad public support and achieve their purpose at minimal cost.Shanghai has experienced many rounds of countermeasures and social interaction during the outbreak, and the possible risk points have been roughly predicted.Puxi containment is a rare large-scale static management for Shanghai, and also a test of urban management ability.From the current information, Shanghai has prepared, is in a cautious, steady state to meet the big test.Just this morning, a street video of Shanghai’s Puxi district went viral. People have never seen Shanghai so quiet and empty.But behind this static face lies the strength of a city, where countless people are working hard to deal with the epidemic with restraint, resilience, dedication and courage.Please believe that people’s efforts will be rewarded. At the moment, the stillness will return as soon as possible.Poster design bai Lang Responsible Editor: Wang Lei Photo editor: Shen Ke

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