Jetta VS5 uses EA211 engine

The Jetta VS5 carries a 1.4T 6AT powertrain.The 1.4T engine of Volkswagen EA211 series is used in the engine part, which can provide a maximum power of 110kW and a peak torque of 250N·m.This engine has been used in many Volkswagen and AODI models, technology maturity and stability are very high.According to the introduction, the EA211 engine is not only the application of aluminum alloy material, and has a high degree of integration of cylinder head, turbocharging, D-VVT, in-cylinder direct injection and in-intake condenser and other core technologies, can be called the king of small displacement engines.For Jetta VS5 carrying EA211 small displacement engine, I believe we are not surprised;Surprisingly, however, it is not equipped with the familiar VW 7-speed DSG gearbox, opting instead for a third-generation AISin AQ2506AT.Compared with the 7-speed DSG, the 6AT has higher stability and ride comfort.From a technical point of view, the gearbox has realized the optimization and upgrading of bearings, clutches and oil seals.The upgrade of these main components brings intuitive experience that the transmission efficiency of the gearbox is stronger, the ride is better and the oil economy is better, and the later maintenance cost is lower.So, what about the actual power performance of the 1.4T engine combined with the third generation AQ2506AT transmission?Through the test drive found that 1.4T engine throttle response is more positive, in the statutory speed limit of the expressway, there will not be a feeling of incompetence, lane change, overtaking is also easy.The shift comfort and stability of the 6AT gearbox is indeed better than that of the 7-speed DSG, and it will choose the lifting gear according to the depth of the throttle. The shift logic is clear, and the driver’s intention is understood in place.Of course, the most important thing is that it is still very fuel-efficient, as the measured fuel consumption above can illustrate.In addition to the powertrain’s core strength, the Jetta VS5 is more fuel-efficient than its peers because of its ACC adaptive cruise, SSR engine start-stop and other functions.It is worth mentioning that SSR engine start and stop can further reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emission.In addition to fuel-saving features, jetta VS5 also conforms to the user’s mind to the family SUV “high quality and high price” positioning.As the first product and the flagship model of the Jetta SUV family, the Jetta VS5 was born on Volkswagen’s MQB platform and continues Volkswagen’s consistent global quality assurance standards, with outstanding performance in quality reliability and process quality.The Jetta VS5, for example, has a four-wheel independent suspension rather than a lower torsion beam rear suspension for cost reasons.The independent suspension structure of macpherson type and multi-link type ensures that the vehicle has good comfort and support in the curve.Found in the test drive, Jetta VS5 chassis adjustment is relatively comfortable, the shock absorber on the road surface of most of the vibration can be effectively filtered out, even in the face of a larger vibration, the vehicle will basically not appear redundant vibration.In addition, as a relatively inexpensive car, the Jetta VS5 performs better in NVH on the road than its peers.Driving on the city road, the car has a high tranquility, basically will not feel the tire noise and engine noise;Even on expressways with speeds over 100km/h, the noise is still acceptable.Such high quality driving quality sense, for a starting price of less than 100,000 YUAN SUV models, cost-effective self-evident.Conclusion: As the first model after jetta independence, Jetta VS5 undoubtedly bears the responsibility of “volume”.Judging from its price starting at 84,800 yuan and excellent driving quality, we can tell jetta has high hopes for this model.There is no doubt that as a joint venture compact SUV, Jetta VS5 aims to compete with many independent brands with the characteristics of “high quality and high price”.Taken together, the good price advantage, and excellent fuel economy and completely conform to the domestic SUV power set, not only for jetta VS5 in car ride quality and economy provides a good guarantee, also more accord with consumer demand for domestic SUV define activity time on February 2, 2022 to February 2, 2022

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