Luowang Town, Xiangfu District, Kaifeng city, carried out observation and evaluation activities on rural living environment improvement

To further solid foundation to carry out the rural residential environment renovation work, improve the quality of living environment renovation work, to speed up the built beauty king, livable country, April 7, 2022, henan kaifeng area few king of the town party committee, government organization all the team members, for the rural residential environment remediation effect of villages, field view comparison, test environment renovation work to carry out the situation,Encourage villages to learn from each other, exchange experience, find out the differences in standards, and make up for shortcomings.Each administrative village selected a natural village for on-site observation. After observation, the Party branch secretary reported on the recent improvement of rural living environment and introduced good practices and existing problems.After the report team members according to the “Luo Wang Town to improve the rural living environment inspection scoring rules” on each village appearance and household appearance of each village.The observation group visited Luowang, Huzhai, Fengzhuang, Tushangang and other villages, went deep into rural lanes, front and back of houses and other areas to inspect sanitation improvement and debris cleaning, and randomly visited poverty-alleviation households and monitored households to inspect their appearance, and handed over the problems found on the spot.In the process of observation, we learned from each other the excellent practices and advanced experience in the process of living environment renovation, found the difference between the standard and the standard, and gave improvement suggestions and suggestions for the shortcomings of the village renovation work in the participation of observation, so as to promote the work of living environment of each village to check and fill the gaps, improve the quality and efficiency, and then to a new level.On the morning of April 8, Luowang Town held a meeting to observe and evaluate the rural human settlement environment.Town party committee, deputy secretary, mayor ma y of the rural residential environment of the whole town work give full affirmation, at the same time points out the residential environment renovation work in the problems of short board, the next step of work to complete mobilization, and rushed to steadily push forward and realize the normal living environment regulation, to continuously enhance supervision inspection frequency at the same time, establish long-term assessment mechanism, strictly implement the system of rewards and punishments,Let all villages take the lead in improving the living environment and build a beautiful and livable Silla King.(Zhang Yufan Lian Feng/photo)

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