One sentence and forget the next, young man. Are you forgetful?

Nowadays, memory loss is the common disease of most people!Just go out but forget to take the key, turn off the light, turn off the gas……When I went to the supermarket, I forgot what I wanted to buy..Why do these young people have such bad memories?Organic amnesia can be divided into organic and functional amnesia is due to some brain diseases, such as encephalitis, brain trauma, brain tumors caused by the memory of the cerebral cortex nervous system damage, resulting in brain memory loss or memory loss.Functional amnesia is due to certain factors, such as staying up late, insomnia, mental pressure, high intensity of work, etc., causing the decline of cerebral cortex memory function.Eat foods rich in lecithin. Lecithin breaks down excess fat particles in your body and boosts your acetylcholine levels.Acetylcholine is the “lubricant” of the brain, which can improve the body’s cognitive function, memory function, language function and so on.To keep your brain active, eat foods rich in lecithin, such as peanuts, beans, and edamame beans. Reading aloud Reading aloud works like a brain workout.By reading aloud, you can improve your brain breathing, develop your right brain, and enhance your perception.You can choose a favorite article, read aloud, stick to it can make the brain get better exercise yo ~ play puzzle games playing puzzle games is very good for active brain yo!In the process of playing games, you can keep your brain active and exercise your brain’s thinking ability, reaction ability and judgment.Daily Tea In daily life, often forgetful partners can also try Shanxi medicinal tea Qi Zhi fruit kernel tea.Wolfberry, puzzle kernel, walnut kernel, lotus seed, gardenia according to the traditional Chinese medicine junchen zuo theory of scientific compatibility, medicine and food homology, long-term drinking, tonifying kidney puzzle, brain calm.Getting enough sleep is also crucial to preventing amnesia, as too little sleep puts the brain in a state of “stress” that affects its ability to concentrate and recall information.Exercise increases blood flow to the brain, bringing it much-needed oxygen and glucose as fuel for thinking.Take part in dancing, taekwondo, ball games, or any sport that requires you to memorize routines to improve your flash memory.Forgetful friends, do not worry, Shanxi herbal tea to accompany you to overcome!Disclaimer: Some content of this article comes from the network, copyright belongs to the original author, if there is infringement, please contact to delete.

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