Qianjin Street: “Zhi Zhi” boosts the “integration of life, health and industry” development

Name, mobile phone number, residence, housing nature, health code and travel code upload…In recent days, Former Yue community resident Li Juan (pseudonym) not only received a gift package from the community to stay in Hangzhou, but also reported the epidemic through the “palm before Yue” small program, which is very convenient.It is reported that through the small program, the community can in the background of the residents fill in the personnel information for big data statistical analysis, further investigation, comb the key epidemic areas to advance, other areas of foreign personnel and fever personnel and other key personnel situation.The function of “Zhangshang Qianyue” goes far beyond epidemic declaration. Residents can also click “Yue Community” on the browsing page to apply for joining their favorite community team, and click “Yue Convenience People” to learn the contact numbers of Qianjin School, community health service center and police station.”To strengthen the comprehensive management of migrant population, ‘joy on the palm’ is a new idea for our community to explore social governance at the present stage.”The relevant person in charge of the community said that, as a service-oriented community, this greatly improves the interaction between the smart platform and employees and residents.The “smart cloud platform” of qianxin Community is similar to the small program of “Palm Qianyue” in qianyue community.There is a large screen in the community comprehensive command center, through which the staff can clearly see the actual population, housing and vehicle data of the community to master the overall situation of the community.”The community management fully relies on big data and artificial intelligence and other modern scientific and technological means, combined with the ‘Xueliang Project’, ‘four platforms for grassroots governance’, integrated fire safety management and other platforms, integrate all resources, comprehensively promote intelligent management.”A person in charge of the community said that the elevator in the community is also equipped with an elevator blocking system. Once a battery car enters the elevator, the elevator will stop running, and the “smart cloud platform” will give a warning in time while the voice is automatically broadcast, and the staff will immediately go to persuade.Whether it is a small program or a cloud platform, this is just an epitome of the digital transformation of grassroots governance.In recent years, the modernization of community-level governance has been promoted through big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, which is gradually being realized in every village and community.For example, linjiang village, Qianfeng Village and Sanfeng Village have included the construction of “rural cerebellum” in their plans for 2022.Digital governance model is constantly iterating innovation.”Relying on the street digital cockpit, Qianjin has promoted the construction of ‘village cerebellum’ to the beautiful extension of the whole region.”Said the relevant person in charge of the street, then, will continue to strengthen the top-level design and overall planning, to speed up the deepening the reform of digital, around digital cockpit and “country” cerebellum, continue to promote the wisdom of “digital + grid” management, fully realizing a complete coverage of the street into a net, full control of one screen at a time, at the same time, promote ecological, humanities, management, production, life and so on various applications,We will boost the integration of production, production and hygiene in the streets.

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