Suining county political and legal committee: focus on opening a new bureau spectrum of the year of the Tiger to soar dream

Conference site.Rednet moment February 9 – (correspondent Jiang Baiping) On the morning of February 8, the Political and legal Committee of Suining County organized all cadres to hold the year of the Tiger work arrangement and deployment meeting.We call on all of you to work diligently and with a full spirit and an accelerated pace to ensure a good start, a good start, and a new atmosphere in the New Year.The meeting first conveyed the study of suining county at the beginning of the work deployment meeting spirit.Then, each member of the committee spoke in turn about work plans and difficulties.The meeting stressed that all cadres should use “tiger strength” to start the “Tiger Year journey”, around the annual political and legal work objectives and escort the “three Peaceful” construction tasks, from strengthening political support, organizational support and logistics support, strengthen the implementation of the county party committee central work and the spirit of superior leadership instructions,Strengthening the overall planning of political and legal work and other five strengthening to return to the provincial “Peaceful construction of advanced counties and urban areas” and the provincial “letters and visits three no demonstration county” and other central and provincial awards to lay a foundation.Meeting requirements, all cadres to concentrate on the adjustment of the state, seize the starting opportunity, efficient input into the tense work, create a good working atmosphere, show the political and legal iron army of the state of mind;The whole committee should adhere to the system is rules and regulations, establish a good image of the unit;We should strive to align coordinate to achieve the established goals, benchmarking list to refine work tasks, benchmarking landmarks to achieve work catch-up.The meeting also made specific schedules and requirements for five key tasks, namely, the construction of peace and security (modernization of municipal social governance), meetings of various types of political and judicial affairs, priorities and requirements for the work of political and judicial affairs, and maintenance of stability through letters and visits; a two-year study and judgment meeting on legal and litigation-related issues;

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