The new generation of Buick GL8 coming, the front face is greatly changed, the interior is greatly changed, the standard matches 2.0T, the game is uncomfortable

The arrival of the new generation of Buick GL8, a major overhaul of the front face, interior, standard 2.0T, Sena is not comfortable with MPV boom added a number of powerful models, such as The Ka Wah and Sena, etc., is believed to be able to replace the GL8 position, after all, the GL8 design is more business-oriented, not the kind of flexible fashion that young people like.But the GL8’s position in the market is hard to shake.Instead, the Sena barely sold and went back to the mark-up.With the passage of time, a new generation of Buick GL8 will also come, this time the new car’s transformation is mainly reflected in the design, the introduction of more fashionable elements.Front face is indeed a big change, the original small China became a large trapezoid China, occupy the entire front face, very atmosphere, this design actually already is the norm in the MPV, therefore can emerge from a similar design also very test design, vertical alignment of the grille, decorate very domineering, fashionable feeling, this let “the terrible indeed.In addition, the new GL8 also introduces a dual-shape design like the Mercedes-benz E-Class, as well as a horizontal trim on the front face, which is a bit more sedate.Double front face design is very popular in the car market at present, highlighting calm and fashion respectively, which can expand the audience and take into account different tastes of car owners.In addition to the fresh appearance design, the interior is also greatly changed, the central console adopts a shocking double screen, the panel introduces wave design, with chrome plating and piano paint treatment, looks luxurious atmosphere, GL8 originally attaches great importance to the business market, the brand does make full efforts.The size of the new car has also been increased, which is also damaging for Senna.The overhaul of the interior and exterior design of the new GL8 shows that the MPV market is changing as much as sedans and SUVs, and is not afraid of these new models.In terms of power, GL8 will be equipped with a 2.0T engine, matching with 9AT transmission, which is the top power in the current car market, especially the 9AT is really good enough.Later will also match more environmentally friendly hybrid version.In addition, the new GL8 has also been revealed as a pure electric version, although it is not clear when this version will arrive.The whole, the new model in the product but still, this time with the update, light is a new big change of exterior and interior design, in itself is full of appeal, together with the power of the good and take experience, steady their king of MPV, indeed, apparently, does not have a problem, this time to upgrade after modelling more fashion,It also makes it hard for new models such as sena and Kava, which are all about fashion, to steal the chicken.Even if more models are added to the MPV market later, the GL8 can breathe a sigh of relief.

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