“Educated Youth Years” three bitter taste “Revolutionized Spring Festival”

Every Spring Festival approaching, I always emerge in my mind a string of “revolutionary Spring Festival” characters, traction myriad thoughts, difficult to calm down.The scene has been repeated for half a century.In the early 1970s, I left home at the age of 15. I went to leizhou Peninsula torch Farm team 12 from a small county town in eastern Guangdong to spend ten years of my youth on the red earth.In this decade of educated youth career, my unforgettable experience is the three bitter taste of “revolutionary Spring Festival”.Visiting relatives during the Spring Festival of 1972 was my first vacation after I went to the countryside. It was very exciting.I and fellow countryman Lin Liming two people accompany and go, all the way home anxious, do not want to be on the way but even by twists and turns, from the west of Guangdong to the east of Guangdong nearly a thousand kilometers of journey, and even 6 genius back home.Most memorable of all, we also experienced a “feat” of walking across Guangzhou city in the middle of the night.The zhanjiang shuttle bus we took arrived at guangzhou Sanyuanli bus station at more than eight o ‘clock in the evening.After getting off the bus, the most important thing is to implement accommodation, but in the planned economy era, accommodation in Guangzhou must be allocated according to plan.In the provincial capital of Nuoda, only two accommodation introduction stations are set up, respectively in Sanyuan and Yide road.Looking at the three yuan li accommodation station long queue, I’m afraid until the dawn are not on the number, we decided to go into the provincial capital yide road number.It went well and I finally got the accommodation brochure at 11:30 PM.But the designated accommodation hotel is far in the haizhu bridge south residential area, but also limited to half an hour of validity.It was late at night, guangzhou and Henan were suburbs at that time, and buses were few and far between. We took several buses and walked around in the alleys of residential buildings before we finally found the small hotel.Pushed open the store door, a middle-aged waitress is dozing at the service desk.She opened her monzon eyes, took the brochure, glanced at it, looked up at the clock on the wall, threw the brochure back, and shouted: “Such poor discipline, even more than ten minutes overtime, invalid!Go back and start the introductions again.”When she spoke, we were both dumbfounded.We forced smiling face, explain the overtime reason is late at night bus less, and life is not familiar, half an hour simply can not arrive.Now in the middle of the night, there are beds in the hotel, please let us stay.But the waitress was adamant, refused to let us check in anyway, and kicked us out.Lin Liming impatient, query 1: “You this what attitude?”The woman stared. “What attitude?Revolutionary attitude!It’s the rule, it’s the rule of the revolution!”We were frightened by this revolutionary attitude and revolutionary rules and stood speechless.See we have no intention to leave, that woman is more aggressive: “walk not walk?Shall I call the security patrol?”We were about to become counter-revolutionaries. I pushed Lin Liming out of this forbidding revolutionary inn.At this time, do you want to return to yide road?Maybe the lodging kiosk is closed, and even if it isn’t, we don’t know which remote corner to direct us to.Cold weather, where is home?The idea of sleeping rough surfaced and disappeared immediately. In those days, there were nightly security patrols everywhere, and if you didn’t get caught and checked up on your ancestors, you wouldn’t be able to go home for the Spring Festival.I wanted to return to sanyuanli bus station, but in the middle of the night, most of the buses in Guangzhou had stopped running, and there was no bus to take in the south of haizhu Bridge. The only bus that ran overnight in the city was the No.7 bus, which was far away from Dashatou.How to do?In desperation, remembering that there was a map of Guangzhou in the bag, they opened it and decided to walk to sanyuanli passenger station.Carrying luggage, across the Haizhu Bridge, along the liberation road has been walking north, the road encountered many times the public security patrol inspection.We got lost on the way, strayed into the construction site of guangzhou Railway station under construction in Sanyuanli, and were almost caught as thieves by the officers on duty.From haizhu bridge south to Sanyuanli passenger station, seven or eight kilometers to walk four minutes, more than five in the morning to arrive.Stepping into the ticket hall, we were full of passengers lying on the floor beside the gate, and we could only sit on the floor and sleep with our luggage on our backs.In spite of the cold wind blowing outside, we soon fell asleep. We were so tired!Who knows to fall asleep less than ten minutes, by a big man wearing red armband kick wake up, not allowed to sit in the front door side.Helpless, we see ticket office window someone overnight queue, also past with the team.After dawn, I even bought a ticket to return home two days later.Tired day and night body and mind, finally pingshu xu some.In 29, although the bus broke down several times on the way, finally returned to the hometown where we had left for more than a year, and saw the loved ones we missed day and night, excited with joy and dazzling.This is a very special Spring Festival, with friends and relatives to celebrate the festival together, always can not leave that provincial capital “revolutionary rules” topic, that taste happy but bitter.”If you have money or no money, you will always have a New Year’s Eve dinner when you go home.”The lyrics vividly depict the incomparable charm of Spring Festival reunion.New Year’s Eve dinner is so important in the hearts of Chinese people!The Spring Festival of 1973 came again. Educated youth, who had worked hard for a year, were busy preparing to visit their hometowns.Lin Liming and I are still in a state of shock after our bumpy journey during last year’s Spring Festival.On the day we got our passes to go home, we changed our minds and decided to stay on the farm for a relaxing and safe Spring Festival.This is a puzzling behavior.Within a few days, the team of dozens of educated youth from all over the province have started to go home, the former bustling educated youth dormitory, gather together a silence, leaving us looking at each other.This scene, make my mood a gray, produce a depressive feeling.What was more poignant was the sacred New Year’s Eve dinner.Thirty afternoon, we went out late back, quickly picked up the lunch box to the canteen to take rice, all the way is still guessing what delicious dishes.When we got to the canteen, we saw black lights and fire. Lao Chen, the cook, was preparing to close the door and leave. He was surprised to see us and said, “Why don’t you go home for the Spring Festival?”Originally, New Year’s Eve only three five single workers in the canteen dinner, early ended.We’re late. There’s no leftovers.Chen looked at the leftovers in the pot and said helplessly, “There’s nothing left but fried rice. I’ll put more oil in it.”It’s the first time a Chinese New Year has been celebrated.I took the bowl of dry fried rice back to the dormitory, swallowed a few mouthfuls and could not swallow it any more.Recall the hometown of the Spring Festival lights happy reunion scene, can not help but a burst of sadness, tears trickling down one’s face.Seeing Lin Liming lying in bed in a daze, I pulled him to the edge of the reservoir to relax.Passing through the staff dormitory, it is also quiet, without a New Year’s atmosphere.I saw the small family vegetable garden behind the workers’ dormitory. The green vegetable field in the past has no roots, but now it is a wasteland.I remember that some time ago, a group of far-left educated youth who were addicted to revolution organized the so-called “cutting off the tail of capitalism” revolutionary action, eradicating all the small private vegetable gardens that employees relied on for food.Pity the farm workers, who in those days were not allowed to fill their mouths with a single vegetable they had grown.That’s too much!What kind of revolutionary principle is this?At the age of 17, I realized a “truth of The Times” in the festival of cooking cold rice: only poverty and hunger can show the true colors of revolution.At midnight on the first day of the lunar New Year, I lay in bed listening to the chirp of mice on the beam, unable to fall asleep for a long time. I simply got up and lit the oil lamp and took out the brush to write five words on the old newspaper: Revolutionize the Spring Festival.As everyone knows, I became attached to the “revolutionary”, and four years later, I was involved in another “revolutionary Spring Festival” vortex.In the late 1970s, the educated youth of Guangzhou returned to the city one after another, and the atmosphere of the educated youth group was filled with the desire to return to the city.In this environment, the team chose me as the deputy secretary of the Youth League branch, who was a little rebellious, and became the contact person of the educated youth group.But half a year later, he jerked me off again. Interestingly, it was related to the “revolutionary Spring Festival”.In 1977, when the Spring Festival was approaching, the Farm Youth League Committee suddenly called and asked the 12 teams of youth League branches to mobilize all the educated youth to issue a proposal of “having a revolutionary Spring Festival on the farm”, so as to alleviate the pressure of Spring Festival transportation with practical actions and make new contributions to the revolutionary cause.It’s so sudden. What should we do?To tell you the truth, I honestly do not approve of issuing this proposal.It is only natural that educated youth take advantage of the Spring Festival holiday to reunite with their parents after working so hard for a year.If even this right also want to deprive, too inhuman!So in the league branch meeting, I clearly stated that the educated youth return to visit their parents and the development of the revolutionary cause is not contradictory views, qu Shiming, Gan Dazhen and other members of the educated youth committee support, the majority of the league branch that it is not appropriate to mobilize the educated youth against their will to send this proposal.However, two days later, the local educated youth for many of the 11 team league branch is willing to send this proposal.When the farm cable broadcast news, my team CAI instructor (local sea health educated youth) furious, angrily scolded me, accused me of not listening to the party.He often saw himself as the embodiment of the Party, which I hated the most, so I challenged him: “Your house is 50 miles from the farm, my house is 2,000. Is that the same?”He was so angry that he shouted, “I don’t approve of your returning to your hometown for the Spring Festival!”In those days you couldn’t get a ticket without a pass.Lucky for me, I’m about to spend another “revolutionary Spring Festival” on a farm.Unexpectedly, CAI instructor finally kaien approved me to return to the hometown for the New Year, but when I cheerfully set foot on the way home, he organized the league branch reelection, put me out of this disobedient guy, let 12 team league branch more pure more revolutionary.Looking back on the three Spring Festival experience of the educated youth era, the years, the scene, the mood, the “revolutionary Spring Festival” five words, let a person engraved in the bottom of my heart, lingering, indelible.Consider the old and learn the new.A generation of educated youth through the hard years, contributed to the youth, when the age of sixty, had the honor to witness the national political harmony, honest, prosperous, prosperous, thriving.The old educated youth deeply feel: peace and prosperity, when the song.If you want to know more exciting content, come to the world with Three Eyes

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