Fuping County Public Security Bureau Zhangqiao police station: the public demolition found 11 bullets took the initiative to hand in hidden dangers

Recently, the public security bureau of fuping zhangqiao sent so to spring training and party history study education as an opportunity to continue to carry out the practice activity “millions of police into thousands of family”, by visiting a door-to-door publicity of illegal possession, possession of firearms and ammunition, the critical items and controlled knives, etc. The dangers of dangerous goods and the laws and regulations, promote made shot blasting work thorough development.On February 16, villagers under the jurisdiction of Zhangqiao police Station voluntarily handed in 11 bullets to the police.It is understood that the bullets were found when the villagers tore down their houses. In order to eliminate security risks and not violate the law, the villagers immediately handed over the bullets to the police station to eliminate security risks in time.Here, the police remind, bullets dangerous, illegal possession.The broad masses of the people should actively report to the public security organs the illegal activities and clues involving explosives, guns and ammunition and controlled devices, and work together to create a safe society.Editor: Wang Chenwei Editor: Zheng Libo Editor: Yao Qiming

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