Huanggai Bofen wine, also known as “kill 53”, with what can be hot liquor circle, which is good?

Guide language: Huang Cap fen wine, say again “seize life 53”, with what can hot liquor circle, good where?In the baijiu world, there is a wine that is very magical.From well-known bloggers to casual drinkers, it’s frequently mentioned in recommendations.It is the fire all over the river fenjiu Huanggai bo.This wine from Shanxi Fenjiu winery, because of golden wine cap, glass bottle packaging named.Although it is a low-end brand, fen Wine has made great contributions to the opening of the territory, there are many loyal fans and wine friends nationwide, wine friends gave it an individual name: “Take life 53”.One, this alias is quite bluffing, why drinking friends want to give it such a name?That’s what drinking buddies say.The wine has a pure aroma, soft and sweet taste, and is very easy to drink. The key is that the wine is 53 degrees, if you don’t drink this wine often, you can easily drink too much.If you meet a person who can drink only half a catty of wine, you will start to feel dizzy. If you can’t drink enough wine, you will easily drink “blackout”. When you wake up the next day, you can’t remember what you did yesterday.So the wine is done just right in terms of taste, and without hangovers, dry mouth or discomfort, the quality is beyond question.Of course, the biggest disadvantage is that the packaging is simple, the wine table out of the face.Two, that it with what hot white wine circle, good where?1, price friendly bofen positioning low-end market, a bottle of price of about 50 yuan, most of the low-end pure grain wine in China are at about 50 yuan, and Fen wine for five consecutive consecutive “famous wine” title, compared with other brands, the price is really close to the people.Of course, the key point is that the brand has existed for decades, the price increase has not been high, has always been the “people’s wine” line, such a wine people can not love?2, the stability of wine quality is very important if a wine can continue to gain consumer recognition.Fen Wine has done very well in this respect, and there is no big fluctuation in wine quality and taste. This year’s drink and last year’s drink are the same taste, which benefits from profound deposits, strong capacity and original intention of making wine with originality.People’s taste once formed, it is difficult to easily change, fenjiu rely on a “steady” word, steady reputation accumulated for decades, so when wine friends in the recommendation of liquor, wine friends will always subconsciously said bofen.The development of any brand is inseparable from the company’s attention.In order to improve their product line, many famous wines have changed their focus of work, and most of the old brands adopt a “free-range” attitude, that is to say, they live and die by themselves. There are too many domestic examples here.Although Fenjiu is trying to build a high-end brand, it has cut a lot of branded wine, but it has never given up this old brand that has made great contributions. It is because of a steady stream of blood transfusion that it has its current achievements in the hot liquor circle.Bofen’s success is neither accidental nor lucky, but the result of long-term adherence to good wine quality. It is a “model” for low-end baijiu.Therefore, many domestic brands are fenjiu as an example, determined to do people want to drink and can drink affordable wine, such as the following two white wine, although the reputation is far less than bofen, but the cost performance of this and it is about the same, let’s have a look!Qionglai, From Sichuan wine country, has been a treasure place for wine-making since ancient times, producing many kinds of wine, such as Wenjun.In addition, Qionglai is also a famous production area for base wine making and supply in China. The original wine produced in Qionglai is sold to more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions in China, and is honored as the “wine source of China”.Made by local Chuanchi Winery, one of China’s eight largest original wine producers, the wine is made from high-quality sorghum, rice, sticky rice, wheat and corn using a unique celler-run cycle method.This process can not only cultivate the cellar, but also make the wine flavor more full and rich, sichuan many first and second line brands are using this mature fermentation process.Excellent geographical environment, profound wine culture and advanced and mature brewing technology ensure the quality of wine.Pour a cup, cellar aroma rich and tangy, fine smell has light grain fragrance.The aroma of the entrance is overflowing, and the throat is smooth and soft. It is a real pure grain wine.Luzhou Wine, a famous wine from Shanxi Luzhou, has a history of more than one thousand years. Its local popularity is second only to Fenjiu, and it is known as “North Fen and South Lu”.”Shanxi fragrance” is famous all over the country, fenjiu is the originator of fragrance, this wine is also daqu fragrance wine, with locally grown high-quality red sorghum as raw material, using low temperature koji, steaming and burning process brewed.The wine is pure and clear, with a harmonious and natural fragrance. It has a delicate and elegant taste at the mouth, accompanied by a touch of fruit scent.The quality of the wine has been very good, but the development is twists and turns, lost the strength of the national competition, for many northerners, may only smell its name, not its wine, it is a pity!To the end, or to remind everyone, wine is good, do not drink!No matter how good the quality of wine taste, we must pay attention to the amount of alcohol, drink less, drink better wine is the right attitude to drink.

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