Yao legend skin sales really blowing so good?Look at the wind rating of the stainless steel deer

Today is February 14th, which is also the first Valentine’s Day of this year. As we all know, February 14th is a Western valentine’s Day, but Chinese young lovers are obviously very important to this festival.In addition, the game manufacturers for the annual Valentine’s Day also up the marketing, every year’s Valentine’s Day will be out of some valentine’s Day activities, it is king of glory, every year’s Valentine’s Day and Tanabata, valentine’s Day limited skin, and this year’s skin we all know, to yao and Yunzhong Jun this couple.These two skins have not been exposed before, or relatively expected by everyone, after all, one is the most popular auxiliary sister, the other is online since only a source of dream skin yunzhong Jun.However, after the launch of the skins, the reviews of the two skins were obviously very bad, and there were some players who actually found the skins to be pretty.The skin of Yunzhongjun is not much to be said here, except that the face looks very much like Zhuang Zhou’s, there are also some quirks in the design.Yao’s skin is more controversial among gamers than Yunzhongjun’s.Yao sister skin has not been online, there are a lot of people predict that after the skin online, in terms of sales will be very good, after all, the popularity of yao there, as long as the quality is not bad, there will be most sister players buy it.However in this skin real sales, really have the net spread so good?In fact, there is no, on the contrary, this Valentine’s Day skin sales are very low, it can be seen that there are still a lot of players do not buy this two-yuan deer.Of course, this is not to blame the players do not give face, after all, yao sister this time out of the skin, indeed whether it is feel or modeling, are much worse than meeting shenlu, and even suspected of plagiarism.Not to mention the two yuan 2D deer and king of Glory of the game’s style of adaptation, just say feel, there are a lot of places to optimize.Take the shield of dazhao for example, the shield is too thick and there is a pattern, after the top, whether yao or the player being ridden below, will more or less feel heavy and skills do not particularly want to connect.In addition to the invincible bug that appeared upon launch, and the color cohesion of the green deer form, there are still some adjustments to be made.Personal opinion in this valentine’s Day limited online, although there are still a lot of players to buy, but this does not mean that this skin does not have shortcomings, shortcomings or with obvious.Especially in the modeling and texture of this aspect, even as last year’s stainless steel deer, or need to be well optimized.So are we going to get cut this time?Feel free to leave a comment below!

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