Elite athletes are ‘good sleepers’?The “secret” of success is in hand!

Japan February 12th session of Beijing Olympic men’s 500 m speed skating champion Gao Ting yu gold after Versailles speech refresh “recently insomnia sleeping 8, 9 hours (10 ~ 12 hours) as usual” netizens said the true insomnia is redefined “envy” is a word I’ve said tired Gao Ting yu speech reminds people of a few days ago GuAiLing when everyone asked GuAiLing one dayHow can you do so many things?”The most important thing my mother taught me is that I sleep at least 10 hours every night, so I have had a lot of energy since I was a child,” gu said. “It turns out that elite athletes are” good sleepers “. Is this the “secret” to success?Is not only a GuAiLing Su Bing add teammates Xie Zhenye has revealed Su Bing add 10 PM every night to sleep on time and phone long-term NBA star lebron James to sleep for up to 10 ~ 12 hours a day James 30 ~ 45 minutes before go to bed electronic equipment will be shut down he had said in a podcast “nothing is more important than the best rem sleep”Many athletes sleep 10 hours a day?According to Dr. Eve Van Caut, director of the Center for Metabolism and Sleep Health at the University of Chicago, a lack of sleep can lead to decreased functioning, eye-hand coordination, and attention span.The benefits of a good night’s sleep include better memory, less chronic pain, less injury and better concentration.For ordinary people: adults sleep for 7 to 8 hours, children need 9 hours.If you sleep less than six hours for three nights in a row, you’re prone to stress, anxiety, irritability, and upper respiratory and gastrointestinal problems.There are some people in our lives who, even after nine hours of sleep, still feel tired and sleep wherever they go.And then there are those who, on only 5 hours of sleep, are able to maintain their energy levels…This is because there are some people who are programmed to sleep longer than others.For example, they need 10 hours of sleep to feel good when they are awake. These people are called “long sleepers” and they are genetically determined, not by disease.According to the American Sleep Association, only 2 percent of the population are long sleepers, with a different body clock.The opposite of long sleepers are short sleepers.For example, we will often hear that the secret of success is to sleep only 4-5 hours at night, sleep late and get up early, chicken blood all day long, hengping “success lies in hard work”.Anyone who wants chicken soup please put down your bowl.Don’t just look at how little sleep people get, the point is that they’re not sleepy.Let’s be honest, there are some people who don’t need as much sleep and have a good day. These people are called short sleepers.It belongs to the innate skeletal cleverness, ordinary people can only look up to and admire, we can not learn.A study in Science found that people with a mutation in the DEC2 gene needed an average of 6.25 hours of sleep a day to get enough rest, with some getting as little as four hours.Well, 10 hours of sleep 5 hours of sleep 7 hours of sleep we all have a chance to make it to the top of our lives!Who doesn’t know that not getting enough sleep hurts your health?But there are still a million reasons why we didn’t go to bed as planned, so here’s another one for you to stay up late and go to bed early like an Olympic champion. Get enough sleep to get your body ready.Or else…Too late to win the gold medal in my dream!Edit: Xi Yuxuan Material: Shanghai news broadcast * reprinted please indicate from Shanghai Yangpu official wechat

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