Police tighten safety valve for minors staying at hotels

Massachusetts moment news on April 3 – (correspondent Liu Zeye Lu Ting) in order to further implement the “sword to protect the buds” special operation, standard brigade (Penn) pavilion industry management, strengthening preventive against minors comprehensive management work, strengthen for the special protection of minors, on April 2nd, SAN tin county people’s procuratorate jointly county public security bureau of city hotel, the guesthouse “assault” special inspection.Inspectors visit and spot check some hotels (guest).At 9:00 a.m., the joint Inspection team has carried out “surprise” inspections of a number of hotels and guesthouses,Inspectors focused on the hotels, guesthouses, hotels and other accommodation venues to strictly implement the “one person, one card” real-name registration system, mandatory reporting system, reception of minors to stay in the “five must”, the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control requirements to check the location code, itinerary code and other conditions for detailed inquiries and inspections.The inspection team urged hotel service staff to strengthen the awareness of minors protection and implement the current epidemic prevention and control measures.Li Mengxing, party secretary and procurator-general, checks the “five must” signs posted at the hotel reception desk.During the inspection, no illegal reception of minors was found, but the “five must” signs of some hotels were not posted or not posted in a prominent position, and the registration procedures for minors were not standardized, there were many entrances to hotel rooms, and the management was not in place.For the problems that have been found, the prosecutor pointed out one by one, and explained the minor protection law in the provisions of the occupancy and mandatory reporting system content, and do not implement the consequences, and actively guide operators to enhance the sense of social responsibility and industry self-discipline consciousness, urge their rectification in accordance with the law.SAN tin county prosecutor’s office party secretary and the attorney general lee waking up, points out that children are the hope of the family, the future of the motherland, the next step, the floor will be in view of the problems found in the inspection, to the county public security bureau issued social governance procuratorial suggestion, urged the public security organ shall strengthen the management of the hotel industry, and will continue to joint the public security organ for the guesthouse, the hotel management “look back”,Urge hotel and hotel operators to fulfill their duty of receiving minors, improve the protection mechanism for minors, and tighten the safety valve for minors to stay in hotels.

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