“200 thousand yuan deposit bank 5 years interest 43 thousand yuan”, can believe it?

Influenced by traditional values, the Chinese people’s sense of preparedness has been stamped on our hearts.After all, there are always all kinds of accidents in life, the so-called lack of money can not do, so savings can help us solve many unnecessary problems in a short time.The central bank will adjust the interest rate according to the situation of major banks every year, in order to make the whole financial market in a healthy state of development.But financial markets are inevitably prone to unforeseen events.Has appeared on the market all kinds of fraud in the name of the deposits, such as “200000, five time deposit, the interest is as high as 43000 yuan”, in fact, countries each year, according to the situation to a certain degree of adjustment, bank interest rates before the bank is about 3.5%, if calculated in accordance with the interest rate, then the 200000 regular interest should be 35000 in five years,In comparison, it is 8000 yuan less than “200,000 yuan, five years time deposit, interest up to 43,000 yuan”.Another algorithm can get “200,000 yuan, five years time deposit, the interest is as high as 43,000 yuan”, the interest rate is 4.3%, which is much higher than the bank interest rate set by the central bank.So we need to be wary of high interest rates of around 4.5%. This may not just be a simple deposit activity, but there may be a lot of dirty tricks behind it.Everyone knows that opening the door is for business. Whether it is to promote products or deposit tasks, it will bring certain work pressure to the staff.When pressure is formed but cannot be refused, there will be a variety of ways to attract depositors to deposit money, this “routine” is also because of this.So when meet “200 thousand save 5 years earn interest 43 thousand”, might as well ask more, more understanding, carefully identify.

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