Come and look at!The project in Chengdu was selected as a typical case of “Strengthening property management to Build a Better home”

In 2021, the state ministry, the central government to carry out the “strengthening property management, to build better homes”, actively explore to establish poly property to property management participating, coordination mechanism as the key point, adhere to the party leading the specification village governance, improving the quality of property services, promote the property management and grassroots community governance depth fusion,A new pattern of property management featuring party leadership, government participation, residents’ participation and enterprise service should be established.In this establishment, Poly Property Management Sichuan Company successfully won the title of “Strengthening property Management and Building a Better Home” demonstration case by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Central Civilization Office of the People’s Republic of China for its project poly Garden Phase 5 · Banyan Tree County.By the end of 2021, poly banyan tree garden, the five county received 15 face pennants, thanks to 31, at the same time won the “realty service brand project in sichuan province”, “water-saving village of sichuan province”, “chengdu property management service demonstration project”, “chengdu, a five-star village”, “advanced village party organization”, “wuhou district property inventory service” and so on many awards.The party lead the linkage, formed a banyan tree county members To community party branch, TieFo banyan tree county party committee, poly real estate company party branch in chengdu as the link, by tripartite lianjian agreement, set up a tripartite coordination mechanism, nearby, voluntary and arrange the way of combining village party member should be brought into the grid management,The horizontal linkage responsibility is firmly pressed, the vertical linkage measures are carefully grasped, and the circular joint warfare force is well done.This special mechanism has achieved remarkable results in such aspects as population census, epidemic prevention and control, election of deputies to the People’s Congress, coordination of neighborhood disputes, garbage sorting, and cleaning up occupied public areas.To consolidate the advantages of the platform, banyan Tree County has established the “online and hospital” small program reporting and repairing platform, and the offline community party and mass service platform to consolidate the advantages and collect residents’ appeals for coordinated solutions.Among them, it focuses on building a multi-functional party-mass service platform — Poly Spark Station, which combines education, communication, service and management, to meet the diversified needs of residents in all aspects and stimulate the vitality of the community.Establish a professional team, under the banyan tree county a chess game Community through volunteer service, cultural propaganda, spark the commandos three professional team, to carry out all kinds of volunteer service activities, community cultural activities, is facing a crisis XianChong emergency assault activities, promote the interaction between the party member the communion, owner participate in community activities to maximize effectiveness,At the same time, the community good people, advanced positive energy, government policies and other publicity, to build a harmonious and happy atmosphere.Show the features of “red” reflect “cure” Banyan tree county district adhere to owners demand as the guidance, take the initiative to ask to, rescue and widely launch industry party workers and enthusiastic owner, such as joint community efforts, to door-to-door to collect the owner demands, especially for entitled groups, such as empty nester difficult people, classification of establishing the demands of the people’s livelihood, the owner suggested two list,In view of the contents of the list, we will actively work out solutions to relieve empty nesters, retired employees and provide convenient services, so as to effectively improve owners’ sense of gain, happiness and security.The community regularly carries out safety investigation and disaster prevention exercises to timely find and solve prominent safety problems and risks within the project, so as to be the “guardian” of the security and stability of the property management area.The project regularly carries out security risks inspection, fire drills, flood control drills, etc., as the focus, carries out comprehensive dragnet investigation without dead spots to ensure that problems and hidden dangers are found early and small.According to different seasons, different festivals, different time nodes, carry out distinctive community cultural activities, such as righteous scissors, free diagnosis, knife sharpening, range hood cleaning, door-to-door maintenance, 38 goddess Festival, mother’s Day, Father’s Day, children’s Day, Dragon Boat Festival, smile day activities, to meet the personalized needs of residents.Declaration: 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