Linyi Beiyuan Road primary school Qingming festival heroes line flag-raising ceremony

Lu Net on March 29 – March 28, linyi North Garden Road primary school teachers and students held a grand “memory of the martyrs remember history – Qingming festival martyrs” online flag raising ceremony.During the ceremony, the members of the team watched the shining Name and the Origin and Significance of Tomb-Sweeping Day. They deeply remembered the revolutionary martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the establishment, defense and construction of the new China, and kept in mind that all national heroes are the backbone of the Chinese nation, and their deeds and spirit are a powerful force to inspire us to move forward.Yuan Xinze, a young pioneer, delivered a speech under the national flag, telling the story of those who stick to their posts regardless of personal danger, courage and even sacrifice their lives for the sake of our happy life.Red scarf XuanJiangYuan be deepened by Chen called for the players through the classic reading, making copies out the newspaper, revolution, heroism movies, and other cultural activities and learn to do green group, DIY kite, understand the history and custom of the qingming festival, feel the rich meaning of tomb-sweeping day, and initiative online the heroes, martyrs’s site to participate in the network, bowed to the alamo, signature message a bunch of flowers on the net,Lighting candlelight, participating in contests and other forms of worship for heroes and martyrs.Through this activity, the young Pioneers will remember the heroes and martyrs who sacrificed for the country and the people, cherish the current happy life, do a good job of personal protection with practical actions, live a safe, civilized, low-carbon, environmental protection Qingming Festival, contribute to the national epidemic prevention and control work, and pass on the red gene from generation to generation!(Correspondent Song Hong Fan Yanna) Source: Lu Net

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