More than one hundred thousand deposit to buy 39 square meters small apartment, decoration spend 30,000 pieces, clean up for everyone!

This case of the area of 39 square meters of small apartment, the owner spent tens of thousands of deposits to buy, the hand decoration of the money is almost no, can only be simplified, finally spent a total of more than thirty thousand pieces, to create this Jane American warm house!The following xiaobian will share this set of 39 flat small family decoration case, I hope you can like it!?Take the door to make ark of type porch that set inside, do not take up corridor space, middle and most leave empty, use can go to the lavatory a lot of.?Kitchen space is lesser, because basically do not cook, transformed a small working study.?Mini little sitting room, decorate ark of a piece of TV and sofa, brunet tea table and white small sofa build gave administrative levels feeling.Sitting room flank hanged a picture album strongly, the modelling of joining together has characteristic quite, the headlamp that hangs is American style, some effect restoring ancient ways.?The bedrooms are small and have dark wood floors, which are more resistant to dirt.Of wall of the head of a bed designs one high one low rich administrative levels feeling, metope still hung black frame picture album, let a space won’t be so drab.?The lavabo stage of toilet is smaller, ark of lens face made up for the problem that lavabo stage receives.How do you like the house?The designer is here!!

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