Rain and snow will continue in southern China in the next three days

In the past day, heavy snowfall was mainly concentrated in Jiangsu, Anhui, northwestern Zhejiang, Hubei, northern Hunan and northern Guizhou, with heavy snowfall in some of the above areas, including southern Jiangsu, southeastern Anhui, northwestern Zhejiang and other parts of the precipitation reached 15 to 30 mm.Moderate to heavy rain hit most of Zhejiang, eastern and southern Jiangxi, northern and eastern Fujian and Guangdong.This morning, central and southern Anhui, western Jiangsu, northwestern Zhejiang and other places new snow depth of 2 ~ 8 cm, Anhui Chizhou and Ma ‘anshan and other local 10 ~ 25 cm.It is expected that the intensity of rain and snow in southern China will weaken significantly during the day and night. There will still be light to moderate snow or sleet in most parts of Guizhou province, central and northern Hunan province, western Hubei Province, northwestern Jiangxi Province and southern Anhui Province.Light to moderate rain will hit parts of the eastern and southern Parts of the Sichuan Basin, the central and eastern parts of the South of the Yangtze River, most of south China, and eastern Parts of Yunnan.Light to moderate snow or sleet will hit parts of northern Xinjiang, northeastern Inner Mongolia, western and eastern Tibet, eastern and southern Qinghai, and eastern Gansu in the next two days (September 9-10), with heavy snow (10-12 mm) in southwestern Tibet.Light to moderate rain will hit parts of southeastern Xizang, southern Sichuan Basin, western Jianghuai, Jianghan, Jiangnan and Southern China.It is expected that there will be an obvious precipitation weather process in southern China from November 11 to 13.Weather experts warned that rain and snow will continue in southern China for the next three days, so the public should keep warm and pay attention to the adverse impact of poor visibility and slippery roads on traffic.

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