Why has chip engineering become so expensive?

01 Recently, on the chip industry salary problem can often be hot search, how to view XX chip company 180W recruitment of chip engineers?How to view coordinates chengdu a chip company to this year’s graduates open 50W annual salary?Behind all this are real wage increases for chip engineers.If the “chip engineer” + “recruitment”, put in Baidu search, these are some normal treatment: some experience of 5 to 10 years of chip design engineers to 500,000 to 1 million (according to the normal 15 or 16 salary calculation), it is an objective reality.Spring is coming for chip engineers!Back against the tuyere, experience a royal wind flying feeling.In the past year, chip engineers have received cold calls from people selling houses or headhunters.”Think about it?Especially reliable entrepreneurial teams, there is no cap on salary, can be negotiated.””The position and you especially match, promise options, inconvenient?I’ll add you to wechat.”That’s it, a lot of chip engineers don’t even talk about it!Where there is demand, there is supply.So chip training industry, chip headhunting industry and so on are very prosperous.Although 02 is a high salary, but, this is the industry common and different high salary.To put it simply: 1: chip design companies, higher wages.First of all, the chip design industry is mainly, the salary of other manufacturing process-related engineers is far less exaggerated than that of the chip design industry, so many process-related engineers also switch to chip design, chip verification positions.2: New companies, higher wages.In the past, at conferences on chip technology, you could always talk about people you knew, but the circle was too small.Small circle, not many people.At present, the rule is that the later chip companies are established, the higher the offer price, because the establishment of new companies, financing, expand the team, in addition to options, high salary is an inevitable way, otherwise, the original chip industry, so many companies suddenly, how to attract people to come in.3: the more advanced the chip manufacturing process of the company, the higher the salary of the company with advanced technology, the higher the price, in fact, as a chip design engineer, the process and technical level are two different things.However, to be able to do advanced technology, for example, 7NM requires several hundred million yuan, indicating that the company has more financing or reserves, so it is common to hire people with high salaries.In the past, computers were popular, and the salaries of Internet employees represented by BAT were relatively high. These Big Internet companies did not have chip positions. Now, all big Internet companies are also recruiting chip design engineers, starting the journey of making core for big factories, and simultaneously raising the wages of the chip industry.So why are chip engineers so expensive?I have seen some experts say that chip engineer training cycle is long, from a qualified chip engineer, familiar with more things, need to go through a number of chip flow chip, the success rate is very high, so chip engineer is more expensive.Yes, it takes a long time to become a chip engineer, because the cycle of iteration is long, but that’s not the same thing as being a chip engineer being expensive.It takes a long time to train a chip engineer and it doesn’t start today.This is the law of the industry, after a few chip flow chip experience, to have a deeper understanding of the industry.And now the market is, many switch to the chip industry, but also just attended a few months of training, can get a good treatment.Are novice, have not experienced the flow of film and mass production of these gateways beat.Have also entered the chip industry.This is essentially supply and demand.In short, there are too many chip companies and not enough chip engineers.This is Marx’s price-value curve, which I won’t explain much.This is the news in 2018. When the field of artificial intelligence became hot, it was a hot rush to rob people.Similar scenes, different material.When AI was hot, there was a lot of training in Python, running models, and getting into it.It is the same now, that is, training in chip design, you can enter the line of chip design or verification.Where do the start-up chip companies get their poaching money from? Venture capital, of course.We often see that a certain chip company has raised XX billion yuan, and the chip costs money in addition to the flow of chips, and the other is that the salary of research and development personnel is a very large expenditure.The traditional chip industry, through the sale of chip money, to support the chip team, chip is essentially high-end manufacturing.And capital investment chip industry, is to chip companies listed, from the stock market to make money.Simply put, invest capital, raise valuations, go public, and exit for a profit.There are two ways of thinking about it.The influx of capital into the chip industry is the same as the influx of capital into various APP mobile Internet startups and AI startups in previous years.However, the return cycle of the chip, much slower than the previous theme, after all, chip research and development, flow, trial, mass production, capacity and so on, each pass for start-up companies are a barrier.This cycle is always 2-3 years to start, iteration several rounds, it is estimated to stand firm.Real chip team, accumulated running-in 10 years, is also very common.But it is not clear that capital has the patience.After all, it is too long a road to gradually gain profits and revenues by selling chips.A team that has not sold many chips for several years has recently invested in the research and development of new circuit DPU chips.A few years ago, this kind of company would have gone sour.Now the market is so good, under the efforts of the old shareholders, they will be able to pull in new financing.Do mobile Internet, entrepreneurs generally encounter such a problem, right?What would you do if the big Internet companies made the same APP?Founders say, “We’re going to take a different approach, avoid confrontation, market segmentation, whatever.In the chip industry, the logic changes completely.What would you do if the big traditional chip makers (or Internet giants) made the same chips?Founders say, “This is why we have such a high valuation.And there’s more!That is, the startup team makes cloud chips, and the cloud factory also makes the same cloud chips, and this cloud chip is mainly used by the cloud factory. What do you do?Founders say, “This is why we need to do our next round of funding.06 The other day, I had dinner with a senior who took me into the business a few years ago.At that time, he felt that the chip industry is too hard, long cycle, no money, so from the chip industry to do traditional drinks industry.I am proud to ask him, see now chip industry so hot, do you regret?Brother said: look at the current chip companies, although the valuation is very high, but there are a few to make money.Chip startups don’t make money, but they do make money servicing chip startups: headhunting, back-end services, manufacturing closed beta, etc., and those of us who make custom wine for startups.There are so many chip startups that need to engage in customer relations. Do you think you can sell chips just by designing chips? When everyone is the same, more than half of them are not dependent on alcohol?In fact, chips and wine are the same, from the beginning of development to the market cycle is quite long, with our chip project management set, customer demand mining, demand assessment, design verification, small batch trial production, customer trial, iterative optimization and so on.I apply this set of traditional industries, which is called dimension reduction blow.Don’t look down upon selling wine. I sold wine to these chip companies to expand the market, and my annual profit was close to that of the original chip company.After listening to my brother’s words, I suddenly felt that the wine in the cup was not fragrant.Not only the heart of sigh: Wang figure domineering chat and laugh, very drunk in the world!Semiconductor engineer semiconductor experience sharing, semiconductor achievement exchange, semiconductor information release.Semiconductor industry trends, semiconductor practitioners career planning, chip engineer growth history.15 pieces of original content for the public

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