Why is it difficult for pu Gao students to take an examination of two books?Teacher in charge tells the truth, rural students what to do

Undergraduates walk everywhere, graduate students like dogs.Students’ education is a topic that parents and schools attach great importance to. Students’ academic performance has a profound influence and significance on their future.From the students just go to school, parents are very important to their children’s grades, when the grades are good, parents will praise, when the grades are bad, parents will find reasons.Perhaps the students do not care about the results, think that the results can not represent their usual performance, the results can not represent their all.But the result is so important for students, every time the exam, the result is the key to determine the students’ future, every exam is a test for students.Such as monthly exams, mid-term exams, final exams and so on, these are important ways to test students’ learning results and also the time for students to prove themselves.Being admitted to a good university is the happiest and proudest moment for students and their parents, especially for some rural families, whose parents have worked hard all their lives to provide a promising child, which is envied by all the villages.No matter what kind of school, as long as the college students, the family is very happy, but there is a phenomenon, that is, the children of rural families, admitted to the university is basically not a good university.College entrance examination big data reality, college entrance examination undergraduate on-line rate is only 26% on average.That is to say, out of 100 students, only 26 students are admitted to undergraduate universities. Such a low admission rate is a terrible thing for students.It is not easy for high school students to go to undergraduate university, let alone to a famous university, such as those 211, 985 universities, to touch the threshold is not an easy thing.Why is it difficult for pu Gao students to take an examination of two books?The teacher in charge told the truth, rural students where to go for ordinary high school students, want to be admitted to two universities are not easy things, let alone admitted to one and other schools, but, what is the reason for this situation?First of all, it is not that students do not study hard, when we first go to school, are the same sitting on the bench, in the same environment, some students study well, some students performance is relatively poor.Therefore, the students’ efforts can be rewarded, and the quality of academic performance, and whether the students study hard has a direct relationship, hard study will be rewarded.Secondly, it is not that the educational resources of the school are not good enough. The educational resources of a school are directly assigned by the Ministry of Education, and the teachers of the school believe that they are also qualified.Therefore, it is not to say that the resources and learning environment provided by the school are not good, because the school does not produce outstanding talents.So what is it that affects students?Key high school and ordinary high school are having what kind of distinction?First of all, students’ initiative in learning is very important, that is to say, students’ initiative in learning is very important.If you don’t believe me, you can go to ordinary high schools and key high schools to have a look. Students in key high schools are more active in learning, do not need the supervision of teachers and parents, and always put learning first.However, in ordinary high schools, students are uneven, and their initiative in learning is not high, so they need parents and teachers to persuade them to pick up books.Second, the competition between the students and is the key point, focus on high school students, they are very consciously, for performance grades slipped, students than teachers and parents are nervous, can compete with your classmates, more efforts to study, behind also think chasing, it is a race against time to learn, lest they slow step.But between ordinary high school students, the learning atmosphere is not rich, and there are often some students who do not study to find those serious students to play.They will even lead the atmosphere of games in the class, and even serious students are easy to be led astray. Students’ desire to play already exists, but once they enter such an atmosphere, they are not willing to study hard.Truth: in fact, for a lot of ordinary high school students, this is to be divided into high school students, the overall learning atmosphere and learning interest is not very good.In such an atmosphere, students are likely to change from a student who wants to study hard and change their fate to a student who only hopes to be admitted to a university.Therefore, for ordinary high school students, there is indeed some resistance to learning, but the biggest resistance is the learning atmosphere and classmates, want to change the fate, or to abandon distractions, good study.What do you think about that?Do you think students from ordinary high schools are more likely to be admitted to key universities?Welcome to comment!

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