All white!Life and Death Sniper 2 mode added new characters, shape design is surprising!

Sniper 2 unlimited test also has a period of time, with this version 1.26 update is also the official players expect “Tiger-head heroes” officially added to the game, let me give you a focus on the introduction of this time tiger-head heroes.The image of the tiger hero is also very popular elements, into the famous sword and horse Dan at the same time can ensure the beauty of the tiger hero.The official greatly this time really is also very attentively to the national tide elements have joined in, do not lose the national style at the same time also do not forget to promote domestic culture.See such lovely big head hero, presumably the most important thing that players care about is the way to get.The game official big hand waved, said this is not a matter, tiger hero all white!Yes, you heard right, such high quality skin should be given away for nothing.And the acquisition conditions are very simple, very easy to achieve.The year of the Tiger will be sent to players via email from 19:00 to 20:00 every night from January 28th to February 2nd, that is to say, as long as players online during this period, they can get the year of the Tiger heroes.Can say the official greatly really is very conscience.Tiger-head heroes are also well modeled in the game and their attacks are silky and smooth, and the flags behind them have physical flapping effects.In addition, tiger hero also has a special dubbing, the dubbing effect is also very ancient characteristics of the “drink!”The sound, the details deserve praise!I have to say, a domestic game can do this, I think it is very good.Without losing its own style, it can also accept players’ opinions and add domestic elements. How many official games can there be?I’m waiting for you in Sniper 2!More activities are also officially online, fans of Life and Death Sniper 2 do not miss it.

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