Beijing’s main snowfall period from tonight to tomorrow night, is expected to affect travel next Monday

Beijing News (Wang Jingxi) Under the influence of strong cold air, Beijing will have an obvious snow and cooling weather process from today to tomorrow night, mainly from tonight to tomorrow night, according to the Beijing Meteorological Bureau.Snowfall at the same time, the temperature will also have a significant decline, is expected to be the highest temperature in the daytime around 1℃, compared with the early decline of about 8℃.Since then, the temperature has continued to fall. According to the latest meteorological data analysis, from Tomorrow (13th) to next week, the highest temperature in the daytime will be between -2 ℃ and -1 ℃, and the lowest temperature at night will be between -7 ℃ and -5℃.Snow conditions will lead to slippery roads, reduced visibility, significant snow and ice, which will have a major impact on Sunday travel.The continuous low temperature is not conducive to snow and ice melting, and it is expected to have a certain impact on the morning and evening peak travel on Monday (14th). Please pay attention to the road information in time, arrange your travel plan in advance, please keep a safe distance, slow down and pay attention to traffic safety.Meteorological experts remind today and tomorrow there will be snow weather, snow day visibility is low, Louis snow ice road, travel attention to traffic safety, cautious driving;The temperature drops significantly, the weather is cloudy and cold, travel should pay attention to cold warm, weak people should prevent colds and other respiratory diseases, at this time the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases or aggravation, pay attention to warm at the same time to pay attention to the body changes, do a good job of health protection;Carbon monoxide poisoning meteorological risk is very high, coal fire heating users need to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.Beijing News reporter Wang Jingxi edited by Chen Jing proofread by Liu Jun

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