Big company top CFO financial statements disassemble quotations collection!What financial signals are being revealed?

What are the key “signals” in the breakdown of big company CFO financial statements?Financial statement is an important tool to test the operating conditions and profitability of listed companies, and also the basis of investment.Recently, listed companies began to announce 2021 performance, this disclosure is more and more intensive.There are signs of individual or industry progress to be found in the financial numbers disclosed and the quotes interpreted by the CFO.Today, with the first financial jun, to take stock of the recent CFO of each major company is how to say.01 to net profit positive “very confident” Kuaishou CFO Jin Bing this year to achieve quarterly adjusted domestic business net profit positive “very confident”, the path is relatively clear.Over the past year, Kuaishou has continued to further control costs and improve financial efficiency through effective capital allocation and orderly investment strategies.In terms of cost control, we will continue to strengthen refined operation management and maintain the downward trend of customer acquisition and maintenance costs.In business management and decision-making, we will continue to reduce costs and increase efficiency.Kuaishou’s healthy business model and efficiency improvement create significant space for continuous optimization of profit margin in the medium and long term.02 large-scale acquisition time has past country garden service CFO and company secretary rats large-scale mergers and acquisitions of time has passed, in this year and in the future for a period of time the focus is on board, but it is not no longer accept mergers and acquisitions, in pursuit of scale and contract of superposition of time has passed, mergers and acquisitions can charge focusing, opportunities may meet cannot be asked, andAt the same time, it will reduce financing from the external market to conduct m&a.Country Garden is less nervous, but get your ammo ready.From the level of capital and the debt due in the near future, he is still very confident.Through a lot of historical cycles and fluctuations, each one was actually a bottom-fishing opportunity, counter-cyclical development.Country Garden has always been relatively prudent in financial management, and I believe it will survive this challenge.The decline in ping An’s stock price over the past year was influenced by a number of factors. First, the complex external environment had a great impact on the overall blue chip stock market, and second, the cyclical transformation of the life insurance industry.Although the life insurance business is affected to some extent, the profit growth of banking, asset management and science and technology business lines is relatively strong, and the integrated finance + medical and health ecological strategy has great development potential.At present, Ping An’s stock price is at a historically low level. In terms of market value management, on the one hand, Ping An will continue to increase shareholder returns, on the other hand, Ping An is continuously buying back and the management is also continuously increasing its holdings, which reflects the management’s judgment that the current stock price is undervalued.I believe the market will eventually recognize the value of Ping An.Xu Ran, CFO of JD, sees structural growth opportunities in community group buying and online fresh food business, including huge market size and highly fragmented supply chain. Through innovation in technology and business model, JD believes there is huge growth potential in operational efficiency.In terms of investment in new business, JINGdong has made sufficient capital preparation, and will monitor the rate of return on investment at any time and constantly make adjustments according to market conditions.And decided from the first quarter, jingxi business group separated from jingdong retail, in the financial report as a new business item.At present, the whole exchange and the interbank market are very supportive of high-quality enterprises, whether private or state-owned.Due to proactive debt management, longhu’s annual debt maturity is less than 8%, and the fixed repayment due this year is only 14.4 billion yuan. Currently, it has paid 7.4 billion yuan.In the future, the company will continue to maintain the qualification and precision of financing management and seek integration and initiative in the changing financing environment.We have unified management of all liabilities. Although the central bank may have given policies to m&a loans, we are still relatively prudent.Fosun International CFO Gong Ping company will also firm investment and financing discipline.In principle, the group level does not engage in new industrial circuits, but it promotes strategic mergers and acquisitions through subsidiaries and rarely makes financial investments.Over the past two years, at the group level, exits have been greater than investments, and cash has been recovered by exiting non-strategic, non-influential or minority assets.At the same time, after promoting the development of subsidiaries to a certain stage, equity financing can be carried out in the market to realize self-financing closed-loop.In 2021, we further elongated the debt cycle, reduced the cost of debt, and slightly reduced leverage.It should be said that the balance sheet of the whole group remains healthy, at the same time, there is good stability and continuity.Credit rating remains one of the top targets for the company’s financial strategy.In the past, our investment companies were all in a state of appreciation. However, as we all know, in the past one or two quarters, the market has undergone great changes. Many listed companies have made many adjustments, causing fluctuations in value.If you look at the income of the company’s investment portfolio last year, it was still positive, that is to say, we still made money in investment, but we still insist on the adjusted net profit, which can reflect the operation of our company most truly.Looking forward to this year, may be it’s too early to judge the trend of change now, mainly depends on several factors: one is the macro environment of uncertainty, the second is the state of competition and subject to change with ease supply situation, the advantage of scale, we always emphasize millet believe our profit margins will steadily in a healthy level.In 2021, the company has maintained resilience in its profitability amid rapid business expansion.One is to benefit from the implementation of lean management strategy across the board;Second, continue to invest in information system construction, further achieve “cost reduction and efficiency increase”;Third, the ratio of management fee to efficiency dropped to 16%. In the future, as the business layout falls, the ratio of management fee to efficiency will be further reduced.With the help of IPO, New Hope service obtained capital support and had more funds to expand its scale. However, due to the prudent strategy adopted in the m&a market, it did not gain any gains in m&a in 2021.The new Hope service development strategy does not always strive for speed, but focuses on stability and tapping the value and potential of community growth.For Huawei in 2021, it may have already passed through the black barrier of this disaster.We are smaller, but we are more profitable and cash flow capturing, and the company is better able to deal with uncertainty.The overall financial structure is becoming more resilient and resilient.Our team has come together during these three years of constant pressure, and our strategy has become clearer during these three years.Looking into the future, we will continue to increase investment in talent and RESEARCH and development. We will ensure huawei’s continuous innovation ability through “technology intensity + talent concentration”.The profit margin of “China Li-Ning” series is very high, which obviously drives the improvement of the brand premium ability.Li Ning’s revenue improved sharply, thanks to higher gross and operating margins.The company effectively controls the floating costs related to sales.The aggressive expansion has left Li Ning with a healthy financial position and ample cash flow.This is related to the significant growth of revenue from all channels and the substantial improvement in the collection of franchisees.Looking ahead, we need to be prudent and conservative in the face of geopolitical uncertainties, the instability of the epidemic, and cost pressures from supply-chain challenges.The company’s margin guidance for 2022 sees revenue growth in the high range of 10% to 20% and net margin in the high range of 10% to 20%.As the development of the real estate industry began to shift to long-term and sustainable development, we made timely adjustments and effectively turned difficulties into opportunities through operational optimization and strategic upgrading.The reason for the decline of gross margin is mainly due to “the contribution of low margin new home transaction services in the revenue structure continued to increase”, “the expansion of the sales team focused on new home sector resulted in the increase of fixed costs”, etc.In the management fee, there is also an “increase in bad debt losses in the downturn of the market”, while the second-hand housing business is facing individual customers, so there are few bad debts, so it is also the negative effect brought by the new home market.

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