Compared with other electric platforms, byd E platform 3.0 has any advantages, is the product reliable?

Before zhiliao car/Chen Xin, BYD finally officially announced their own pure electric exclusive platform E platform 3.0.In the future, BYD will start from consumer experience, solve the pain points of consumer experience such as safety and low temperature endurance of new energy vehicles, and create new energy vehicles that consumers like more and drive more safely.Tracing the history and evolution of BYD E platform, E platform 1.0 realized the platformization of key technologies, while E Platform 2.0 realized the platformization of key systems, bringing obvious advantages to pure electric products. Byd’s progress is also visible.The E platform 3.0 realized the vehicle architecture platform, found a more suitable for the development of new energy vehicles, can give full play to the advantages of new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles electric, network connection, intelligent, unmanned and shared, the new energy vehicles to create a more comfortable driving.At present, BYD’s E platform has covered various types of cars including small cars, compact cars, medium cars, medium and large cars, and has received very good feedback.Byd has recognized the importance of zero-emission and electrification of automobiles, energy transformation and transformation of traditional energy companies. It knows that the key technology for the development of the next generation of automobiles is intelligence, and new energy vehicles will become the main direction of the development of the automobile market in the future.Byd has a set of mature ideas and plans for new energy vehicles, including energy acquisition, storage and application. Byd wants to create a zero-emission ecological closed-loop, and carry out the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction and protecting the earth’s environment to the end.With the Ocean-X concept car for e-Platform 3.0, BYD put a lot of effort into the battery.It will use blade battery body integrated design, four-wheel drive architecture, electric drive boost charging, wide temperature domain high efficiency heat pump and intelligent domain control architecture.Compared with other models, the engine of this car has greatly improved its performance. It is positioned as a small car, which is very suitable for private cars and commuting.Its electric drive boost fast charging technology, charging 5 minutes, the maximum mileage of 150km;Direct cooling and direct heating technology of power battery can increase thermal efficiency by up to 20%.For pure battery life, the most attention is paid to the extreme temperature of the battery life.Byd’s battery technology in ocean-X can operate in a wide range of -30 c to 60 C, increasing winter range by up to 20%.Zhiliao automobile original article, if you need to reprint please contact the platform

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