Inter star berti lamented milan’s midfield defeat in the serie A Derby

Inter star berti believes AC Milan have “no chance” of beating arch-rivals Inter in Saturday night’s Derby.Nicola Berti said in an interview with Milan Sport: “The midfield is where the game will be won.In my opinion AC Milan have no chance of winning because inter’s three-man midfield team works as seamlessly as if they have worked together for a lifetime.I doubt very much whether AC Milan can withstand this challenge.Italian media expect Ciarhanoglu to play alongside Marcelo Brozovic and Nicolo Barella against a midfield trio of Benassa, Tonali and Casey.Berti insisted: “Simone inzaghi doesn’t have to worry because sending Casey to block brozovic would only make room for varela or ciarhanoglu to attack.To be honest, I don’t see how Pioli can hold down inter’s midfield.Meanwhile, berti is optimistic about varela’s performance, describing him as “a player who excites the fans and never backs down”, and believes his suspension in the champions League will inspire him to prove himself in the milan Derby.Inter milan lead the league with 53 points from 22 games, while AC Milan are third with 49 points from 23 games.

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