Mockery of the blogger do not look good spending money homemade ice Dun Dun, netizens: life strong Chinese men

According to Jiupai News, recently, a female dessert blogger has released 5 videos on Douyin, using various materials to make “Bing Dwen Dwen”.A netizen commented that her “Bing Dwen Dwen” was not good looking, “she may not be suitable for this industry”, then she spent 1512 yuan to buy sugar art materials, and released a video of her making Sugar Art Bing Dwen dwen, which aroused attention.There is a netizen’s message “life strong Chinese man”, “three words, let the man spend 1500”.Writing under the name Musician Woodcutter Number Three in the comments section of the dessert blogger’s video of the candy Art Dwen Dwen, he said: ‘Why not, I’ve done it, she’s just not good enough, why not?’The follow-up message: “the more I think the more gas, wait for my work”, “I now taobao to buy materials”.On February 8, “Musician No. 3 Woodcutter” posted a screenshot of his purchase order on his personal video social networking site, showing that he bought sugar art tools on a shopping platform for 1,496.25 yuan.He captioned: “The more I think about it, the more angry I am. The materials are finished. I will do it as soon as the delivery arrives in four or five days.”Later, he wrote in the comments section: “Total cost 1512, and bought 6 tubes of pigment, on the premise that I can do the same or better than hers, don’t expect too much, let’s try to make us happy.”At 2:30 am on February 13, musician Woodcutter No. 3 posted a video of making Sugar Art Ice Dwen Dwen, along with the caption: “I have come to hand in my homework. I will do my best to fulfill my promise!We must be strong in life!”After the video was released, it received a lot of attention and nearly 2 million likes. The account also exceeded 1 million followers within 5 days.Some netizens commented: “A Strong Chinese man in His life”, “a strong man posted his works in the early morning”, “This was the birth of the record of the fastest wild one million douyin bloggers”, “From zero to one million fans only takes 5 days”.

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