The Japanese sank the cruiser Laiyuan, the training ship Weiyuan and the auxiliary ship Bao Raft

February 6, 1880, December 26 of the old calendar.Jin Denggan, head of The Chinese Customs office in London, wrote to Mr Hurd, the general Revenue division, who told him last week that Mr Li had asked the British government to employ him through Mr Tsang, and that the Admiralty had no objection to his working for the Chinese government but that his time in China did not count as naval service.Mr Langvery said he would not have accepted the appointment without Mr Hurd’s referral to China.Zeng Jize on February 6, 1881, the eighth day of the first lunar month.Liu Kunyi, governor of Liangjiang and minister of Southern Ocean trade, answered the right servant of the Military Department and Mei Qizhao, a cabinet bachelor, played to the court in the “Coastal defense Of The Plan”, in addition to the Jiangnan machinery bureau need not rebuild the iron armor ship, the maritime governor, the Marine division need not be set up again, the Yangtze River water division need not ship four, the rest of the articles are timely.Background knowledge: The Paper on Coastal Defense was written by Mei Qizhao to the imperial Court on November 2, 1880. It is also a famous paper in the history of China’s modern coastal defense and navy.He proposed to learn western shipbuilding technology, purchase necessary equipment and make imitation ironclad ships.Breaking the Western blockade and ordering ironclad ships from Russia;And plans to allow merchants ships to the east and west countries, to participate in the world shipping competition.”If it can reach foreign countries, it will benefit foreign countries. If China gains, foreign countries lose.”Advocated the establishment of a governor of the Maritime affairs, commanding maritime affairs;Change river transport into river and sea transport;River merchants became river and sea merchants.Advocate to participate in the world trade competition, in the competition to develop and expand China Merchants Shipping business.Under mei Qizhao’s strong remonstrance, the Qing Court allowed merchants ships to go abroad and participate in the world shipping trade in The East Asia, Singapore, the United States and other countries.Mei Qizhao became the earliest maritime advocate in the history of Chinese ocean shipping.Report also proposed to create offshore waters, additional offshore waters commander, and unified control of China’s coastal towns, “four seasons patrol posts, bourne regardless, division may be in and effect.”It emphasized that all towns in coastal xinjiang should be organized to practice naval and land warfare in a unified manner, so that soldiers can both water and land and water.Its “quasi please add sea navy division prefect, the creation of offshore navy” idea is a major breakthrough in the history of modern Chinese coastal defence, navy, its connotation for the first time in the hazy reflects China’s concept of “offshore sovereign jurisdiction”, as well as the focus of the coastal defense in our country should take in offshore waters, “with real ship royal breastplates, and time on land.He proposed the idea of “water energy and land” new type of maritime frontier and coastal defense force, making him the first person to put forward the concept of Marine corps (corps) in the history of China’s navy, which is the earliest suggestion on Marine corps (arms).In one section of the paper, Mei qizhao emphasized that the focus of national defense at that time was to “strictly defend the East (Japan)”.From the analysis of its national conditions, it is concluded that it has the intention of annexing Goryeo (Korea), and should give necessary assistance to Goryeo in time, and strictly prevent it from invading Korea and threatening our three northeastern provinces.Mei Qi’s worries and predictions eventually became a bloody reality in the next 50 to 60 years.The historical facts also confirmed mei Qizhao’s super ability to grasp the national defense situation as a key official, and his prediction was forward-looking and accurate, not to mention.On the same day, Mr. Hurd wrote to Mr. Jin Denggan, director of the Chinese Customs office in London, telling him not to think too highly of Mr. Gleason, chief inspector of the Beiyang Navy, and not to make people think that he or Ding Ruchang are very big people.February 6, 1892, the eighth day of the first lunar month.”Jiyuan” returned to Lushun to repair the gunpowder bay.On February 6, 1895, in the early morning of the 12th day of the first lunar month in the old lunar year, five Japanese torpedo boats entered Weihai Bay and attacked beiyang Navy’s armored cruiser Laiyuan, training ship Weiyuan and auxiliary ship Baofa, which were seriously injured and not yet repaired.When it became clear, ding Ruchang was forced to give up the ship because the ammunition depot and other important facilities inside dingyuan had been flooded.In the morning, Ding Ruchang ordered four ships of Jingyuan, Jiyuan, Pingyuan and Guangbing to cooperate with Huangdao fort and fight back against the Japanese forces of the North bank fort and the Attacking Japanese fleet of the West Mouth.At the same time, the rest of the ships and Liugong Island, The island of Japan with the battery, to the south coast of the Japanese army and the east attack of the Japanese ships fired artillery bombardment, repel the Japanese joint fleet of liugong Island launched the fourth attack.Day island fort afternoon, the Japanese more than 20 ships and weihai Bay south help 3 fort with each other, bombardment of the Beiyang navy ships and Liugong Island, thousands of terrified island residents men, women and children gathered at the dock, begging for life, Ding Ruchang, Zhang Wenxuan and other soothing square.When the Beiyang Navy and the Japanese were in the midst of a fierce battle, the Imperial court ordered Li Hongzhang, beiyang Navy ships trapped in Liugong Island, the end of the fear is uncertain, can fight together with the impact, trying to find out.

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