The man drunk late night driving on the highway was taken criminal compulsory measures according to law

At 23:00 on January 16, henan Provincial Public Security Department high speed traffic police corps, a detachment of police on duty in the airport expressway Zhengzhou South Station inspection of a Private car Yu N license, when the window opened the moment, a strong smell of alcohol came.The police on duty immediately started the drunken driving investigation procedures, the scene of the driver Li carried out a blow alcohol test, suspected of drunk driving motor vehicle.Subsequently, the police on duty will take Li mou to the designated hospital for blood and examination.After examination and identification, Li’s blood alcohol content is 190.93mg/100mL.”Why do you dare to drive after all that drinking?”In the face of the police inquiry, Li’s answer is surprising.”I’m going home to settle my score…”Originally, li mou that evening at his rented drank half a catty liquor, suddenly received his hometown two to have an uneasy relationship with his men “provocative” phone, lovers between them more than half sentence, words between “conflict”, in the end, the other two men one sentence “you don’t come back today is rat”, li mou to provoke.So, young energetic Li mou then drove a colleague’s private car on the Zhengzhou airport high-speed, to go back to his hometown to find provocation of their own two men “account”.According to a detachment of police officers, according to the relevant laws and regulations, Li mou drunk driving motor vehicle, suspected of dangerous driving crime was checked.At present, has been taken criminal compulsory measures, revoked driving license.Henan high-speed traffic police prompt: drunk driving is a serious traffic violation, drunk driving suspected of crime, great harm to society.Drunk driving will lead to the driver’s reduced attention, blurred vision, hyperactivity, reduced judgment and operation ability, mental disorders, fatigue and other hazards, which is easy to cause major traffic accidents.The end of the year is approaching, the increase of entertainment, please keep in mind the majority of driver friends “drink not to drive, drive not to drink”, consciously resist drunk driving and drunk driving illegal and criminal behavior, and earnestly comply with the law and regulations, safe and civilized travel.

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