Xinyang Wenxin tea company held in 2021 work summary and recognition conference

Look forward to the future with new expectations.February 19, Wenxin tea company held 2021 work summary and commendation conference, xinyang head office above middle managers, zhengzhou branch executives, as well as xinyang regional store managers and some employee representatives a total of more than 110 people to attend the meeting.Before the meeting began, all the participants stood up and played and sang the national anthem.Of the 2021 annual meeting, read the new testament tea advanced collectives and advanced individuals, marketing experts, performance target contribution award, quality, progress, management, innovation award 7 commendation decision, the company leadership to the winning 80 advanced collective and individual awards, four people on behalf of all the advanced collectives and advanced individuals as a gesture to speak at the meeting.Company Party secretary, chairman Liu Wenxin wenxin tea company 2021 annual work summary report.Chairman Liu Wenxin first of all on behalf of the company to the commendation of advanced collective and advanced individuals to express the warmest congratulations!And through everyone to the development of wenxin silently dedicated to all the staff, express the most heartfelt thanks and the most noble respect!Liu Wenxin, chairman of the board, said that he hoped that all the new people to learn advanced, to the typical, to look up to the example, advanced, when the typical, do a model.The year 2021 is the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan. We have focused on our main business, and we have worked together to make progress. We have written a remarkable mark in this first year.The year of 2022 is the year of the 20th CPC National Congress and the second year of wenxin Company’s five-year development plan. We must grasp the strategic opportunity of constructing a new development pattern and take the lead in straight sprint, overtaking in curves and changing lanes.Development is the foundation and the key to solving all problems. We need to give top priority to ensuring steady growth, give greater priority to ensuring steady growth, and maintain an appropriate growth rate. At the same time, we need to make progress while maintaining stability, accelerate upgrading and upgrade development, and strive to achieve rapid, cost-effective and high-quality development.The contents of chairman Liu wenxin’s work report are divided into three parts: first, the achievements are hard-won, should be fully recognized and energetically praised;There are still many problems, which should be treated objectively and dialectically.Third, the future is still extraordinary, we should burn our Bridges, innovative development.In reviewing the 2021 years of work, quintela m j the chairman pointed out that over the past 2021 years, faced with the severe external management environment and the development of heavy task, you have repeatedly COVID – 19 outbreak, especially in zhengzhou before floods, we in the final exam hone refinement sublimates, persistence, we anchor the goal is not to relax, to gather strength of the enterprise,Grasp the development initiative, seize the opportunity, seek progress in stability, and seek success in difficult, every step is very difficult, extremely difficult to achieve the annual sales expectations, all work achieved obvious results.The focus is on the following seven aspects: further improvement of production quality, further growth of sales operation, further acceleration of project construction, further enhancement of brand potential, further reduction of financial risk, further strengthening of party building guidance, and further improvement of employees’ sense of gain.While summing up the achievements, Chairman Liu wenxin also analyzed the problems existing in the development.Chairman Liu Wenxin said, Wenxin company after 30 years of hard work, especially in these years of development, wenxin’s infrastructure is more solid, while summarizing the achievements, we also clearly see the existing problems.In the grand scheme of things, 2022 is full of “uncertainties”.First, the COVID-19 pandemic is full of uncertainty: COVID-19 is still raging, Delta and Omitron are hitting the world with unstoppable momentum, and no one knows when or if the epidemic will end.Second, the Chinese economy is full of uncertainty: the Central Economic Work Conference mentioned “stable” an unprecedented 25 times in a row, showing that the Chinese economy this year is uncertain.From the micro point of view, we still have many problems in our work.In the face of problems, we must dare to analyze, dare to deny ourselves, dare to face, correct objective analysis of the problem, is calm, continue to move forward a good state of mind and the biggest power, in order to try to improve and enhance in the future work.Chairman Liu Wenxin pointed out in the report that 2022 is the year of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the second year of the five-year development plan of Wenxin Company. We should take development as the first priority and continue to focus on the development of innovation, party building, source, brand, team, channel and service.We will lay out our work in 2022 from various aspects, such as restructuring, inventory reduction, cost reduction, quality improvement, sales promotion, profit seeking, team building and image building.To achieve the annual turnover of 15% increase, and through efforts to break through the performance of more than 20% growth, at the same time to further expand wenxin brand influence, further improve the market share, consumers to wenxin tea recognition, loyalty and reputation further improve.When arranging the key work for 2022, Chairman Liu Wenxin emphasized that we should continue to adhere to the concept of innovative development and explore new modes of production and operation;To continue to build excellent teams, improve the incentive mechanism for talent growth;To continue to focus on the development strategy, promote the continuous upgrading of industrial projects;To continue to increase brand image building, enhance the soft power of enterprises;To continue to improve the control system, the implementation of standardized financial management;To continue to optimize the management mechanism, to achieve efficient operation.Chairman Liu Wenxin finally pointed out that the goal of 2022 has been clear and the horn of the new journey has been sounded.What has changed is the situation and task, while what remains unchanged is the dream and mission.Development, we need to get the advantage of the party into kinetic energy, based on a new starting point, to grasp the new opportunities and meet new challenges, enhance the sense of anxiety, steady character overhead, seek improvement in stability, grasped the nettle and on top of heroism, the spirit of vigor, the morale of the courage and effort to the powerless, hard to move yourself, strive to create a new situation of the article high quality development,With outstanding achievements to meet the party’s 20th victory held!Source: Wenxin Tea Village

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